Katy Perry’s 12 Most Wild ‘American Idol’ Looks: Hand Sanitizer Costume, Ursula & More

After Katy Perry showed up to the April 26 episode of 'American Idol' in a hand sanitizer costume, we're looking back at some of her wildest looks on the show of all-time.

katy perry ursula
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Throughout her entire career, Katy Perry has always had a bold sense of style — and that’s definitely still been the case as she’s served as a judge on American Idol over the last three seasons! The singer sits alongside Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie on the judges’ panel, and since she’s the only woman, all eyes are always on her fashion choices during each episode. Perhaps her most memorable Idol look of all-time came during the show’s first-ever virtual episode on April 26. Katy dressed in a giant hand sanitizer costume as a way of urging viewers to wash their hands and stay safe amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, she wore it for the ENTIRE two-hour broadcast from her home!

Meanwhile, her most memorable look of season 17, which aired in 2019, was when she perfectly channeled Ursula from The Little Mermaid for Disney Week. While the contestants all took the stage to sing Disney songs, Katy went all-out to dress as the villainous octopus, and she absolutely nailed it. Her massive tentacles may have made it a little difficult to sit down, but it was all worth it for the photo ops that came with this iconic look! Katy even painted her face purple and styled her hair in a wild mohawk to truly deliver the essence of Ursula, and we absolutely loved it.

Even when she’s not dressing on-theme with the competition, Katy still delivers some pretty out-there looks. When the group headed to Hawaii during season 17, she rocked a massive floral headpiece, and during Hollywood Week, she wore a pink suit with paisley design.

katy perry ursula

Even when she’s not on American Idol, Katy is known to deliver some wacky and wild ensembles, but these looks may be some of the craziest ever. Click through the gallery above to check out some of Katy’s crazy looks on the hit ABC show!

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