Hottest KarJenner Ab-Baring Looks Of 2019: Kendall, Kim & More

The KarJenner sisters work hard on their toned figures, and we certainly don't blame them for wanting to show off the results. The ladies wore several looks that showed off their abs this year, and we rounded up the best of them all!

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From crop tops to bikinis and much more, the KarJenners loved showing off their abs in 2019. Whether it was their casual street style, or on a more fancy night out, these ladies bared their six packs like never before this year. One of Kim Kardashian’s favorite trends in 2019 was sweats, and she was photographed a lot in her Yeezy sweatpants, along with various different tops. Quite often, the pants were paired with some form of a crop top, including a strapless bandeau. This style isn’t favored by everyone, but Kim pulls it off to perfection.

Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner spent a lot of time in her bikinis in 2019. She went to the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, and during her downtime, she enjoyed some fun in the sun with her friends who were also in town. That included luxurious yacht trips, where she was photographed sunbathing in her two piece bathing suits. She also took a few other vacations throughout the year, during which the paparazzi caught her in her bikini. Considering Kendall has a model’s body that’s to DIE for, we don’t blame her for wanting to display it.

Kendall’s casual, everyday style also included simple crop tops quite often. We’ve seen her out in plain white tops, which fall above her belly button. She’s paired them with jeans, leather pants and more over the year, and she absolutely slays every look.

kendall jenner

Click through the gallery above to check out the best KarJenner ab-baring photos of 2019! The ladies have been putting their rock-hard stomachs on display for years now, and we can only imagine we’ll get some even better looks in 2020, too.

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