Is Danny Masterson in Prison? Sentence Details, Release Date & More

The actor was sentenced to 30 years and later transferred to a state prison in December of 2023. Read about the sentencing and prison details here.

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Danny Masterson
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Danny Masterson, 47, is best known for being a cast member on the sitcom, That ’70s Show, from 1998 until 2006, but in 2022, he was in the spotlight for a different reason. The actor was first accused of sexual assault back in 2017, but in 2020, he was arrested and charged with allegedly raping three women between the years, 2001 and 2003. He went on to have two trials, including a first trial in October 2022, and a retrial in April 2023, before he was ultimately found guilty on two counts of rape and sentenced to 30 years in prison, which includes 15 years for each count, in September 2023. In December of 2023, his first mugshot was released after he was transferred to a state prison.

Find out more about Danny’s sentencing and his prison details below.

Is Danny Masterson in Prison?

Danny Masterson
Danny at court in 2020. (LUCY NICHOLSON/POOL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

Before he was sentenced, Danny, whose wife Bijou Phillips filed for divorce after his sentencing, stayed in L.A. County Men’s Central Jail for months. After his sentencing, which took place on September 7, 2023, he was taken back right away and was awaiting to be transferred to a California state prison, where he would serve both of his sentences, according to TMZ.

On December 27, after Danny was admitted to the North Kern State Prison in Delano, California, the Los Angeles County Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation released a first mugshot of the actor. In a photo you can see via Page Six, the actor donned a typical orange prison jumpsuit layered with a light brown shirt. His hair and beard had seemingly grown longer, and his eyes appeared bloodshot as he smiled slightly for the snapshot.

On December 31, the schedule for Danny’s first 90 days in prison was released by TMZ. He reportedly has to go through a reception and classification process that could last the first 90 days, and will be in a group called privilege group U. His group reportedly also has strict restrictions, including no family visits, limited entertainment access and no access to personal property. He reportedly got one phone call within the first week of entering the facility, and then for the remainder of his time in group U, he only gets one call per month, according to the CA Department of Corrections.

Danny will apparently still have access to things like the yard and recreation services, but he won’t get his full prison privileges until the classification process has finished.

What Is Prison like for Danny Masterson?

How many Years Was Danny Masterson sentenced to Prison?

Danny Masterson
Danny in the sitcom, ‘The Ranch.’ (Greg Gayne/Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock)

LA Superior Court Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo sentenced Danny to a total of 30 years in prison, which includes two separate 15-year sentences for each count of rape. He will be serving them consecutively. The sentencing happened after the judge rejected a defense motion for a new trial and the sentence, itself, was the maximum allowed by law.

“Mr. Masterson, you are not the victim here. Your actions 20 years ago took away another person’s voice and choice. Your actions 20 years ago were criminal, and that is why you are here,” the judge said to Danny at the sentencing, per Variety.

What Will Danny Masterson’s Release Date Be?

Since he was served a total of 30 years in prison, Danny wouldn’t be released until around 2053, the year he’ll turn 77 years old. Due to the guidelines of his sentencing, Danny will be eligible for parole after 25 1/2 years, but he could remain in prison the rest of his life, depending on any changes that could happen between now and then.

Danny’s Relationship With Bijou

Two weeks after he was sentenced, Bijou filed for divorce on September 19, but she was seen still wearing her wedding ring in the first photos taken after the filing. She also requested spousal support from him in court documents, obtained by People

As the pair’s divorce continues, Danny agreed to give his ex-wife full legal and physical custody of their daughter Fianna Francis9. The That 70s Show alum requested visitation, which would need to be granted by prison officials, according to TMZIn a statement, she showed her commitment to parenting their child. “Ms. Phillips has decided to file for divorce from her husband during this unfortunate time. Her priority remains with her daughter,” Bijou’s lawyer told the outlet.