8 Stars Wearing Masks On Halloween Over The Years: Kim Kardashian & More

Many stars love going all-out for Halloween, and for some, that's included spooky masks to go with their costumes over the years!

kim kourtney kardashian
Image Credit: SplashNews

Masks are definitely an important part of many Halloween costumes. We’ve seen hundreds of celebrity Halloween looks throughout the years, and some stars have gone above and beyond by including masks with their looks. From Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian to Bethenny Frankel and many more, these stars have all slayed with masks to go with their spooky (or sexy) looks.

kim kourtney kardashian
Kim and Kourtney Kardashian rock superhero masks while attending a Halloween party in Miami in 2012. (SplashNews)

In 2012, Kim threw a birthday/Halloween party at LIV nightclub in Miami. She walked the red carpet with her sister, Kourtney, in coordinating outfits. While Kourt dressed as Batman, Kim was the ultimate sexy Catwoman. Both ladies had masks to go with their looks. Kourtney’s went just over her eyes, while Kim’s wrapped around the top of her head and was bejeweled. These ladies are proof that wearing masks on Halloween doesn’t mean the costume isn’t super sexy!

Bethenny Frankel strikes a pose while dressed as a sexy leopard. (SplashNews)

Meanwhile, Bethenny dressed as a sexy leopard for her Halloween look one year. She wore a tight bodysuit and matching animal print heels, and her look was complete with a mask to go over her eyes. Naturally, she had to take the mask off to get some good photos, but it was definitely a key part of the costume!

ice t and coco
Ice-T and Coco both wear masks while dressed up for a Halloween party. (SplashNews)

Ice-T and Coco Austin have also been photographed wearing masks on Halloween. One year, they attended Heidi Klum’s Halloween party in looks that included masks. Ice-T’s black mask covered his entire face, while Coco’s simply went over her mouth. The focus of Coco’s look was definitely her plunging, sexy bodysuit, though, which she paired with fishnets and knee-high boots.

There are plenty of more celebrities who’ve worn masks for Halloween over the years, as well. Scroll through the gallery above to see Ashlee Simpson, Heidi and more stars who took their costumes to the next level with masks.

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