Ammika Harris & Aeko Brown’s Cutest Mother/Son Moments: See Their Pics On The Beach & More

Ahead of Aeko Brown's first birthday, take a look back at the little one's most adorable photos with his gorgeous mom, Ammika Harris.

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Aeko Brown is one lucky baby! The 11-month-old spent most of the first year of his life apart from dad, Chris Brown, due to being in Germany with mom, Ammika Harris, amidst the coronavirus travel restrictions. The mother/son duo have such a special bond, and Ammika loves sharing photos with her little man on social media.

At the beginning of October, Chris was finally able to fly to Germany and reunite with Aeko and Ammika for the first time in more than eight months. After spending a few weeks in Europe, they relocated to the beach later that month, where they’ve been ever since. Upon their arrival, Ammika posted a photo of herself holding Aeko while walking in the sand. She rocked a pink bikini in the pic, which had the ocean crashing in the background.

In another pic from the tropical vacation, Ammika wore an animal print bikini and held Aeko close as he sat in her lap. The toddler looked quite tired as he tried to keep his eyes open for the camera, and Ammika captioned the image, “Baby Tarzan.” She was makeup-free and glowing as she posed amongst the palm trees with her baby boy.

Before the getaway, Ammika posted a picture of herself and Aeko hanging out in bed together. She’s wearing a comfortable matching pajama set, and showing her son how to clap his hands. They both had huge smiles on their faces as they brought their palms together for the photo. “I love being your mommy,” Ammika gushed.

Back in September, Ammika shared a photo of herself holding Aeko in his arms and lovingly gazing at him. Her back is to the camera, so all we can see is her long ponytail, crop top and jeans. However, Aeko is facing the lens, and he’s smiling wider than ever. “Best buddy for a lifetime,” Ammika captioned the photograph, which was taken outside.

Another pic of the duo, which Ammika posted in July, showed them snuggling in bed together. Aeko was bundled up in a blanket and appeared to be taking a nap, and Ammika mimicked his closed eyes to snap the pic. “Rare “pure” spirit,” she wrote alongside the image. Ammika clearly loves these special moments that she’s been able to share with her baby, and we love that she’s been documenting them for all of us.

In June, Ammika and Aeko spent some time hanging out in his nursery. She snapped a selfie of them with the crib, along with Aeko’s clothes, in the background. The baby was sucking on a pacifier in the pic, but clearly still had a big smile on his face. Ammika’s eyes were on her little man and she was glowing as she looked at him. “He is the coolest,” she wrote.

The mother/son pair matched in white ensembles during an outing in May. Aeko was too cute in his adorable white onesie, which was paired with a colorful bib. Meanwhile, Ammika wore white jeans and a matching tank top. She also carried a fannypack around her waist, which made it easier for her to hold Aeko in her arms. So cute!

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