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Tamra Judge Vicki Gunvalson After Crash

‘RHOC’ Vicki & Tamra: I’ve Never Been ‘So Scared In My Life’ After Terrifying Crash

After experiencing a frightening ATV crash while filming ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County,’ reality stars Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Barney have finally spoken out — and they are being SUPER honest about their dramatic accident. They’ve even updated their fans on what the scary incident was truly like!

Vicki Gunvalson, 54, and Tamra Barney, 48, are just SO happy to be alive! After flipping over multiple times while riding the same ATV on April 2, both women were rushed to the hospital — so scary! But thankfully the reality stars are doing much better and have even reached out to their fans via social media. Tamra admitted to being the most scared she’s ever been in her entire LIFE! Talk about a traumatizing experience.

April 4, 2016
Tamra Barney Vicki Gunvalson Hospitalized

Tamra Barney & Vicki Gunvalson: ‘RHOC’ Stars Hospitalized After Scary ATV Accident

So terrifying. ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ stars Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson were hospitalized after they flipped an ATV during a joyride in the California desert. Get the scary details here!

Tamra Barney, 48, and Vicki Gunvalson, 54, were rushed to the hospital following a horrific ATVing accident in California on April 2. Neither Real Housewives of Orange County star were in danger of death, but the girls were likely left traumatized after their vehicle rolled over several times — and their fun day in the sand dunes nearly turned tragic!

April 3, 2016
Vicki Gunvalson Brooks Ayers Faking Cancer

Brooks Ayers: Vicki Gunvalson Fires Back At Cancer Faker Ex — ‘I Hate Him’

Vicki Gunvalson has some HARSH words for Brooks Ayers. The ‘RHOC’ star is understandably hurt (and pissed off!) after finding out her ex had faked having cancer treatments and she’s letting him know it in this new interview. Watch her talk about her hate for Brooks here!

The world was stunned when Brooks Ayers admitted he faked documents saying he was receiving treatment for cancer, but it seems no one was as shocked as his own ex-girlfriend, Vicki Gunvalson, who insists she knew absolutely nothing about Brooks’ ploy. And the 53–year-old isn’t shying away from spewing her hatred for her ex! Hear her side of the story here.

November 12, 2015
Brooks Ayers Lied About Cancer

Brooks Ayers’ Shocking Confession: ‘RHOC’ Star Admits He Lied About Cancer

Brooks Ayers of ‘The Real Housewives Of Orange County’ is finally coming forward after spending a season claiming he has cancer. Not-so-shockingly, it’s been proven that he lied about his medical records; Vicki’s ex immediately rushed to apologize — and Vicki responded!

Brooks Ayers has never really been liked among the ladies of RHOC, but Vicki Gunvalson‘s ex really made it hard for himself this past season! Brooks spent the season claiming he was battling stage 3 non-Hodgkin lymphoma, but City of Hope, where he allegedly had been treated, announced on November 10 that the reality star had never been a patient at the facility. Brooks confessed, but it doesn’t seem like Vicki’s taking it well!

November 11, 2015
Brooks Ayers Vicki Gunvalson Break Up

Vicki Gunvalson & Brooks Ayers Split: ‘RHOC’ Star Reveals The Truth About Breakup

‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ star Vicki Gunvalson has finally opened up about her shocking split from Brooks Ayers. While on ‘WWHL’ Oct. 12, she explained the surprising reasons behind their tragic breakup.

Vicki Gunvalson, 53, has finally revealed the reasons behind her Aug. 2015 split from partner Brooks Ayers. The pair has been through so much in their short time together, including a questionable cancer scare for Brooks and clashes with Vicki’s daughter Briana. She’s got more drama going on offscreen than she does on her Bravo reality show, The Real Housewives of Orange County!

October 14, 2015
Vicki Gunvalson Plastic Surgery

Vicki Gunvalson’s Plastic Surgery — Love Or Loathe Her New Face?

‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ star Vicki Gunvalson has gone under the knife to get a little nip/tuck. Recently, the star has been showing off the work she’s gotten done which she believes is a HUGE makeover. Do YOU love Vicki’s new look?

Oh no! The Real Housewives of Orange County star has taken a trip to the plastic surgeon! Vicki Gunvalson, 51, is revealing her plastic surgery makeover in a preview for the upcoming season of the show. The reality star boasts that she got a chin implant and fillers around both her nose and eyes with the help of her cast mate Alexis Bellino‘s plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Niccole

March 27, 2013

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