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When Are The New York Primary Results

New York Primary: When You Will Know The Results Of The Empire State’s Vote

It’s up to you, New York – to pick the next U.S. presidential candidates! The Empire state’s Democratic and Republican primaries are on April 19 so find out when you’ll know the nail-biting results of this critical election!

Who’s it going to be, New York? The state’s 2016 presidential primaries have voter asking a lot of questions. Will Hillary Clinton, 68, have a happy homecoming or will Bernie Sanders, 74, take a huge bite out of the Big Apple – and Hillary’s presidential dreams? Can Ted Cruz, 45, and John Kasich, 63, upset Donald Trump, 69, on his home turf? Most importantly – when will you know the results?

April 19, 2016
Ted Cruz Won't Be Donald Trump's Vice President

Ted Cruz: I Have ‘Zero Interest’ In Being Donald Trump’s Vice President

Ted Cruz has his sights set on the White House, and he refuses to play second fiddle to anyone else, especially Donald Trump! The GOP presidential candidate made it clear in a new interview that a vote for Trump means a vote for a losing team!

We’ve never seen Ted Cruz, 45, madder than when asked during a GMA Town Hall on April 18 if he would consider being Donald Trump‘s vice president! The republican presidential candidate said he wouldn’t accept the position under any circumstances, slamming Trump because he sincerely believes that Trump couldn’t win the general election. He’s not about to be responsible for getting another democratic president into the White House!

April 18, 2016
Ted Cruz College Roommate

Ted Cruz’s College Roommate: He Liked Stimulating His Genitals In Our Dorm Room

Um, TMI much? Presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s alleged college roommate, Craig Mazin, just put the republican on blast by claiming he’s a total hypocrite when it comes to his genitalia.

Ted Cruz, 45, is probably regretting not making amends with his alleged freshman college roommate, Craig Mazin, also 45, before running for president. A shocking new tweet from the candidate’s alleged co-habitant reveals that the potential future leader of the free world had a little too much fun with his naughty bits back in the day.

April 15, 2016
Ted Cruz Tonight Show Sketch

Ted Cruz On ‘The Tonight Show’: Does Hilarious Sketch With Jimmy Fallon As Donald Trump

Ted Cruz made his first ever stop by ‘The Tonight Show’ Apr. 14, and finally got to show off his funnier side after so much drama on the Republican presidential campaign trail. Keep reading for more about his hilarious Donald Trump sketch with Jimmy Fallon.

Sen. Ted Cruz, 45, made his debut appearance on The Tonight Show Apr. 14 and host Jimmy Fallon, 41 couldn’t wait to break out his amazing Donald Trump impression and have a “conversation” with his political adversary. The sketch was a perfect set up for Ted to try his hand at humor, and we always love it when Jimmy does The Donald so this was guaranteed comic gold!

April 15, 2016
Ted Cruz Daughters Dresses

Ted Cruz’s Daughters Rock Matching Yellow Dresses On National TV — Get Their Sweet Look

Ted Cruz’s daughters, Caroline and Catherine, looked so cute and fresh while sporting sunny yellow dresses on national TV on April 13. The two youngsters even had matching white bows in their hair — SO precious!

There’s no question Ted Cruz‘s, 45, daughters, Caroline, 8, and Catherine, 4, completely stole the show while appearing alongside their dad and mom, Heidi Cruz, 43, on CNN. But while the sisters said some pretty adorable things, they also LOOKED super cute and stylish. We could not get over their matching frocks and super sweet hair pieces — find out how to snag a similar look for your little one here!

April 14, 2016
Ted Cruz Wears Pink Boa

Ted Cruz’s Daughter Lets Slip He Dressed In Pink Boa At Class Party — And There’s Video

Uh-oh! Ted Cruz’s daughter, Caroline, let slip — on national television — that her school has a SUPER embarrassing video of her dad dressed in a pink boa and undies. Yikes! Cue Ted’s PR team tracking down the evidence as we speak.

If it wasn’t before, it’s pretty obvious now that Ted Cruz, 45, is one dedicated father! SO dedicated that the presidential candidate risked total social embarrassment just to make his daughter laugh while attending a class picnic. The Texas senator shamelessly dressed up in a pink boa and whacky underwear — hilarious, right? And there’s actually a VIDEO of the whole thing…which his daughter’s school plans on distributing!

April 14, 2016
Ted Cruz Family Taylor Swift

Ted Cruz & Family: Taylor Swift Will Be Our First Dinner Guest At The White House

The most interesting revelation from the Ted Cruz town hall on April 13 was who the family’s first dinner guest would be if they make it to the White House… the one and only Taylor Swift! You’ve got to see his adorable daughters raving about the singer, here.

Okay, this is adorable. Ted Cruz, 45, took the stage at the CNN town hall in New York on April 13, and he had his wife Heidi and two adorable daughters Catherine, 5, and Caroline, 7, by his side. The most hilarious moment was when Anderson Cooper asked who their first dinner guest at the White House would be, and they said Taylor Swift! Check it out, right here.

April 13, 2016

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