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Simon Cowell Calls Zayn Malik Rude

Zayn Malik Slammed By Simon Cowell As ‘Rude’ After Mean Comments About 1D

How rude! Simon Cowell is bashing Zayn Malik and calling him ‘rude’ in an explosive new interview for saying he quit One Direction to make ‘real music.’ YIKES!

Don’t forget where you came from! Simon Cowell, 56, slams former One Direction singer Zayn Malik, 22, as “rude” for dissing 1D’s music as not “real music.” The music mogul, who created the band, thinks Zayn should reconsider his harsh words.

December 20, 2015

Simon Cowell Apologizes To One Direction Fans For Dissing Zayn Malik

Simon Cowell was feeling the wrath of One Direction fans this week after he make an offhand joke about not missing Zayn Malik’s presence in the band. Now he’s made an apology after the 1D world exploded with Twitter hate on the group’s manager! Check out what he had to say.

Simon Cowell, 59, should know by now how insanely invested One Direction‘s fans are in the group. Many of them are still smarting from Zayn Malik‘s abrupt March 2015 departure from the boy band, so it’s a little too soon to be making jokes at his expense! Now Simon is having to apologize after being bombarded with hate from 1D’s fans, who didn’t find any humor in his Nov. 2 awards show quip about not missing the 22-year-old’s presence in the group! Here’s his explanation of how it went down:

November 6, 2015
Simon Cowell Zayn Malik Joke

Simon Cowell Drunkenly Jokes About Zayn Malik Quitting 1D In Front Of Band — Awkward

So awkward! Simon Cowell caused quite the stir during his acceptance speech at the Music Industry Trust Awards on Nov. 2. when he jokingly (and drunkenly) asked the audience “so who misses Zayn Malik” — right in front of One Direction! Too soon, Simon. Too soon.

Wow. Simon Cowell, 56, could not have picked a more inappropriate time to address Zayn Malik‘s One Direction departure. The X Factor boss was being presented with an award at the Music Industry Trust Awards in London on Nov. 2 when he took to the stage and revealed that he was hammered before taking a jab at the former 1D bandmate. The worst part? The band was standing right next to him!

November 3, 2015

Simon Cowell Headbutted By ‘X Factor’ Contestant On Air — Watch The Awkward Hit

Simon Cowell got more than he bargained for during the Nov. 1 episode of the ‘X Factor’ when Anton Stephans was so excited he headbutted Simon! We’ve been watching the video on replay and Simon’s reaction is absolutely priceless!

Simon Cowell must have a serious headache because he got a major blow to the head during The X Factor over Halloween weekend. The creator of the hit show was headbutted by Anton Stephans who was excited to be advancing on the competition show. Anton grabbed Simon’s face and went in for a headbutt/hug that ended very, very badly!

November 2, 2015
Simon Cowell America's Got Talent

Simon Cowell Replacing Howard Stern As Judge On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Howard Stern, out. Simon Cowell, in! The ex-‘American Idol’ judge is officially switching gears next year, and joining NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent!’

Simon Cowell is taking a seat at the America’s Got Talent table for season 11! The 56-year-old producer has quite a bit of experience hosting, and actually just revealed he first discussed joining the show with NBC five years ago, but it didn’t work out until now. But just because he’s a new dad, don’t expect a softer side than you saw on Idol!

October 22, 2015
Louis Tomlinson Simon Cowell Godfather

Louis Tomlinson Wants Simon Cowell ‘To Be His Child’s Godfather’

As Louis Tomlinson prepares for fatherhood, he has a majorly important decision to make in choosing who will be his baby’s godfather. But luckily for Louis, the choice was a no-brainer: Simon Cowell!

Since Simon Cowell, 56, is the man behind One Direction, he has always been close with the boys. So after Louis Tomlinson, 23, found out he was expecting a baby with Briana Jungwirth, 23, and began considering options for his child’s godfather, Simon was apparently the first person to come to mind! But it’s more than their X Factor ties that made the selection obvious, and we have EXCLUSIVELY learned the several adorable reasons Louis picked Simon!

October 21, 2015
Louis Tomlinson Parenting Classes

Louis Tomlinson Wants To Take Parenting Classes After Simon Cowell’s Advice

Father-to-be Louis Tomlinson is considering taking parenting classes as he prepares to become a first-time dad with Briana Jungwirth, can EXCLUSIVELY reveal. And it’s all thanks to mentor, Simon Cowell!

Louis Tomlinson, 23, hasn’t known that he’s going to be a father for very long, but he’s already considering taking parenting classes, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. The One Direction singer is clearly just wants to be the best dad he can be. Aw!

August 2, 2015

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