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Russell Brand Erasing Katy Perry From His Life Permanently

Russell’s revenge! With his new girlfriend in tow, British actor Russell took a radical step to remove Katy from his life.

They say that life imitates art, and the lyrics of Katy’s Perry‘s hit song “The One that Got Away” are no exception. In this sweet pop ballad, Katy sings about getting matching tattoos with her boyfriend, only to later learn that he’s had his removed.

March 26, 2012
Katy Perry Sex Shoes

BERLIN, GERMANY - MARCH 22: Katy Perry arrives for the Echo Awards 2012 at Palais am Funkturm on March 22, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. (Getty Images)

Katy Perry Wears 'Sex' Shoes: Trying To Show Russell She's Moving On?

After dealing with personal drama, the quirky star is back to being herself, looking cool and confident — but was she trying to send her ex a message with her very telling footwear?

Recently single star Katy Perry has been turning up all over Europe, but it wasn’t until she walked the red carpet in Berlin at the 2012 Echo Awards did I feel like the star was being herself. If you’re Katy, ‘being yourself,’ clearly means wearing a futuristic mini that makes you look like metallic Barbie while acting coy in front of the cameras — and that’s exactly what she did.

March 23, 2012

Katy Perry's Full 'Part Of Me' Video: Is She Getting Revenge On Russell Brand?

Katy toughens up & fights back against a cheating boyfriend in the just-released music video. Watch it here!

After watching Katy Perry‘s music video for “Part Of Me,” our first thought was, “Wow, the Marines have gotten really clever with their marketing.” Our second thought was, “Wow, this is totally about Russell Brand.” Both are true. In the just-released video, Katy’s character dumps her lying, cheating boyfriend and joins the Marines to toughen up.

March 22, 2012
Russell Brand Arrested

Russell Brand Arrested In New Orleans After Stealing Cell Phone

Russell Brand just turned himself into the New Orleans police, after taking a photogs phone and throwing it through a window March 12!

Chris Brown may have gotten away with it, but Russell Brand is in deep grease after taking a paparazzi’s cell phone Monday night and throwing it through a law firm’s window in New Orleans. In fact, he’s currently behind bars because of it.

March 15, 2012
Katy Perry Russell Brand

Russell Brand Trying To Hit On Ladies In NYC

Even though Russell is back to his partying ways, can tell you that Katy isn’t losing any sleep over her ex and that she’s already dating!

Katy Perry, 27, has totally moved on from her ex-husband Russell Brand! The 36-year-old British comedian was spotted leaving NYC’s swanky La Esquina restaurant and asking a woman on the street for her phone number, but Katy couldn’t care less!

March 6, 2012

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