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Russell Brand  Katy Perry Divorce Regrets

Russell Brand Admits Divorce Mistake — Wants Katy Perry Back

A report claims Russell Brand couldn’t stand seeing Katy Perry in the arms of another man and sent her an email admitting he ‘gave up’ on their marriage too quickly! Do YOU think they’ll end up back together?

Once Katy Perry and Russell Brand‘s relationship started going sour, it took a turn for the! In fact, it seemed like all it took was one major fight before they had filed for divorce back in January. However, there’s a new report that Russell is regretting his decision. Should he try to get her back?

May 8, 2012
Russell Brand Robert Pattinson

Russell Brand Claims He Caught Robert Pattinson In the Ladies' Room

Is Russell a ‘Twilight’ fan? He cracked a TON of vampire jokes during his May 5 performance in Atlantic City. Read on to find out what he said about running into Rob in the ladies’ room!

Russell Brand talked all about the pros and cons of being a vampire when he took to the stage at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City on May 5, and was there to see his hilarious performance!

May 6, 2012
Katy Perry Kids Choice

Katy Perry Is The Ultimate Breakup Role Model

Breaking up is hard to do but Katy just proved that you can look totally hot and empowered while doing it!

Katy Perry, you are a total badass! Not only did you look fierce when you walked the orange carpet at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards on April 1 but you gave another jaw-dropping performance. Don’t take offense, but your best performances have been post your Russell Brand breakup — I think I’m on to something.

April 2, 2012
Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Russell Brand Called Katy Perry Several Times After Her Revenge Grammy Performance

Katy Perry used the Grammys to debut her new revenge song against Russell Brand, “Part of Me,” and her message came through loud and clear to the one person it was directed to most.

Katy Perry got her revenge on her soon to be ex-husband, Russell Brand, by singing her heated new single, “Part of Me,” at the Grammys this year and apparently, the 36-year-old British comedian caught drift of her message to him — that he can have everything, but her.

February 17, 2012
Katy Perry Rihanna

Click here for more pics of Katy!

Rihanna Is Saving A Broken-Hearted Katy Perry

Katy is still ‘devastated’ after being dumped by Russell Brandand friends like Rihanna are worried about her!

Katy Perry is headed to Vegas for the grand opening of 1Oak on Jan. 27 but don’t think she’s going to Sin City just to party. spoke to a friend very close to the singer who tells us she’s “doing her best to not back out of her commitments” even though she’s upset that Russell Brand filed for divorce.

January 27, 2012

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