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Kristen Stewart: Truth Behind Her Meeting Rupert Sanders Look-Alike

Kristen was spotted getting into a car with a man who looks strikingly similar to Rupert during a night out with friends April 21 in Los Angeles. But sources tell EXCLUSIVELY who the mystery man really is.

Kristen Stewart enjoyed a night out with friends at Malo Taqueria in Los Angeles on April 21, ending the evening by getting into a dark car that looked like Rupert Sanders‘ Acura with a man who looked oddly like the Snow White & The Huntsman director. But was the mystery man really Rupert? Sources close to the situation reveal the truth to EXCLUSIVELY.

April 23, 2013
Kristen Stewart With Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart Seen Hanging With Friends — Was Rupert Sanders There?

The same day that Robert Pattinson was seen leaving California, Kristen was spotted getting into a car with a man who looks remarkably like Rupert.

Boy, this is really weird. Kristen Stewart went for dinner with some friends at LA restaurant Malo Taqueria on April 21, and afterwards she was seen getting into a dark car that looks like an Acura with a man who looks very similar to Rupert Sanders. And Rupert does happen to drive an Acura! This incident occurred on the same day that Robert Pattinson was seen leaving LA. Could Kristen possibly be in communication with Rupert again?

April 22, 2013
Kristen Stewart Ignoring Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart Is Ignoring Rupert Sanders’ Texts — Report

After Liberty Ross filed for divorce, Rupert has reportedly been trying to contact Kristen, but she is totally ignoring him because of her love for Robert Pattinson. Phew!

Rupert Sanders back off! Kristen Stewart does not want anything to do with you, so stop texting her! A new report says that Kristen’s former director Rupert, 42, has been texting and emailing the Twilight star, 22, but she “doesn’t want anything to do with him” because she only has eyes for Robert Pattinson. Read on for all the details.

February 28, 2013

Liberty Ross: My Life Is ‘Horrible’ After Kristen Stewart Affair

Liberty may be moving on with her life, finally divorcing husband Rupert Sanders, but it hasn’t been easy. She’s still referring to how ‘horrible’ her life is! Poor thing!

Liberty Ross looked stunning at the Vanity Fair Oscar party on Feb. 24, rocking a see-through revenge dress, but the model, who filed for divorce from her philandering husband Rupert Sanders just one month before, is still upset about her current situation!

February 27, 2013

Kristen Stewart’s Promise To Robert Pattinson After Affair Revealed

When Kristen left Rob broken-hearted after her affair, she had to make an important promise to win back his heart and has the inside scoop!

After Kristen Stewart, 22, cheated with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, 42, she was desperate to repair her relationship with Robert Pattinson, 26. Find out the special vow Kristen had to make to Rob in order to save their relationship!

February 8, 2013
Liberty Ross Divorce

Liberty Ross: Why She’s Not Mad At Kristen Stewart Over Her Divorce

Liberty is over the pain she suffered when Rupert Sanders cheated on her with Kristen, and friends of the model say she’s focused on her children and not mad at Kristen. Read on for all the exclusive details!

Liberty Ross is one tough woman indeed! Friends of the 34-year-old soon-to-be ex-wife of Rupert Sanders tell exclusively she’s “not upset” about his affair with Kristen Stewart anymore and is moving on with her life.

February 1, 2013

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