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Rupert Sanders Spotted Out Wearing His Wedding Ring

Rupert was spotted waving to paparazzi on Aug. 23 and proudly displaying his wedding ring. Read on to find out why he ended up getting into an alleged altercation with the photogs!

Rupert Sanders is sending a message loud and clear: I’m still devoted to my wife, Liberty Ross. The Snow White and the Huntsman director reportedly threatened to call police on Aug. 23 after he confronted a photographed for following him. But he made a point to flash his wedding ring, showing to everyone that he considers himself still in love with Liberty.

August 24, 2012

Liberty Ross Isn’t Over Rupert Sanders’ Affair With Kristen Stewart

Liberty posed on the red carpet Aug. 22 next without her wedding ring, and now a source confirms she’s ‘still processing’ what to do about her marriage.

Liberty Ross walked the red carpet on Aug. 22 for the first time since news broke that her husband Rupert Sanders was having an affair with Kristen Stewart. The British model looked stunning in her silky ensemble, however there was one noticeable accessory missing — her wedding ring.

August 24, 2012

Kristen Stewart — You’re Right: You Shouldn’t Be The Scandal Scapegoat

Kristen Stewart — you made a big mistake. BUT, your married lover Rupert Sanders made a FAR bigger faux pas. If the report that you feel unfairly persecuted is true, then it’s completely understandable. It’s time for the world to lay off you!

Kristen Stewart — you’ve got to feel like you’re a “scarlet woman” at this point. Yes, you got caught cheating on your boyfriend Robert Pattinson. And clearly that wasn’t a good thing.

August 16, 2012
Liberty Ross Forgives Rupert Sanders

Liberty Ross Wants To Reconcile With Rupert Sanders ‘For The Kids’

Liberty is willing to put aside Rupert’s indiscretion with Kristen Stewart and reconcile with him, out of concern for their children, a friend of Liberty’s tells EXCLUSIVELY! Is she making a good decision?

Liberty Ross hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring since her husband Rupert Sanders cheated on her with Kristen Stewart, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t hoping to reconcile with her husband!

August 10, 2012

Liberty Ross Is Warding Off Kristen Stewart With Her Cross — Experts

Liberty is one angry woman, and she’s brilliantly sending a message to her husband Rupert Sanders’ lover by wearing a cross that ‘wards off vampires’ — plus more! Here’s how.

Liberty Ross did not get dressed randomly when she went out in public on August 8 in Los Angeles, wearing a white undershirt similar to the one that Kristen Stewart wore in the photos of her cheating rendezvous with Rupert Sanders, says psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle of

August 9, 2012

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