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Teen Beach 2 Movie Trailer

'Teen Beach Movie 2' (Courtesy of Disney Channel)

‘Teen Beach 2’ Trailer: The Gang Reunites For Dancing & Fun – Watch

Everyone, it’s time to get your jam on! A new ‘Teen Beach 2’ trailer has just been released, and we’re already on our feet and dancing to the beat! Click to WATCH!

It’s back to the beach, Teen Beach Movie lovers! The new trailer for Teen Beach 2 has hit the internet, and we haven’t been this excited since the first movie came out! Brady (Ross Lynch) and McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) are reunited with Tanner (Garrett Clayton) and Lela (Grace Phipps), but there’s a huge twist! There’s singing and dancing galore — it’s going be so fabulous!

February 13, 2015
Ross Lynch Laura Marano Interview

Laura Marano Reveals Why She’s Not Dating Ross Lynch — Listen

For ‘Austin & Ally’ fans, one question always remains — will Austin and Ally ever be together in real life? Of course, they’re talking about Ross Lynch and Laura Marano. Luckily, she stopped into to our HollywoodLife studio to reveal why that’s not happening (right now).

Ross Lynch and Laura Marano have been close friends for years. She even admitted to us that she loves that her fans want them to be together in real life — so why aren’t they dating? Well, it’s an agreement, she told us during a segment for our HollywoodLife podcast. Listen here!

February 13, 2015
Pawn Stars Rick Harrison Laura Marano

HollywoodLife Podcast: ‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison & Laura Marano Reveal Secrets

What’s the craziest thing that anyone’s tried to pawn on ‘Pawn Stars? And what’s Ross Lynch really like? These are two of the key questions that our podcast guests Rick Harrison and Laura Marano answered without hesitation this week. Listen now!

When Pawn StarsRick Harrison set foot in the podcast office, staffers were lining up with their questions. The star of the History Channel show, which has run six years, has seen just about everything at his world famous Las Vegas Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, and he isn’t afraid to talk about it.

February 12, 2015
Austin & Ally Laura Marano Ross Lynch Relationship

‘Austin & Ally’: Laura Marano Reveals The Cutest Thing About Ross Lynch

Listen up, Raura shippers! ‘Austin & Ally’ is coming back for Season 4, and we’ve got the first pic from the set to show you! Plus, Laura Marano tells EXCLUSIVELY the most adorable thing about Ross Lynch.

Laura Marano and Ross Lynch make up one of our favorite TV couples so we’re excited the duo is returning for another season of Austin & Ally! We chatted with Laura and she admitted that she hopes Austin and Ally end up staying together forever!

December 10, 2014
Austin And Ally finale

‘Austin & Ally’: Will They Break Up In The Finale? – Laura Marano Interview

The ‘Austin & Ally’ season finale airs Sunday, Nov. 23, but not without tons of drama when Austin and Ally’s relationship hits a huge bump in the road! chatted EXCLUSIVELY with Laura Marano who told us all about the big episode and gave us a little update on Ross Lynch!

Laura Marano and Ross Lynch are getting ready to say goodbye to Season 3 of Austin & Ally, but will they say goodbye to each other?! The couple goes through a tough time when Austin’s music label forces him to hide his relationship in public! Plus, Dez (Calum Worthy) may move away to L.A. Oh no! Click for Laura‘s interview!

November 21, 2014
Ross Lynch Dancing WIth The Stars

Ross Lynch: Disney Hottie Joining ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

Ross Lynch has danced through zillions of fans’ hearts on ‘Teen Beach Movie’ so is he about the bring his dancing skills to the ballroom? We’ve learned EXCLUSIVELY from a source close to ‘Dancing With The Stars’ that the show wants Ross!

Here’s a fun fact: Ross Lynch is Julianne Hough‘s cousin. If you’re not a big DWTS fan, Julianne, 26, is a former pro-dancer and a current judge on the series! So is she about to judge her cute cuz Ross? She dished to if she thinks the Disney star, 18, should join the series — and don’t forget about all of R5! Could the rest of the band be in the running, too?

November 18, 2014

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