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ronda rousey butt cheeks

Ronda Rousey Bares Butt Cheeks In Plunging, Painted-On Bathing Suit

Ronda Rousey is in AMAZING shape — and she isn’t shy about showing it off! The athlete stripped down to nothing but paint for her sexiest shoot ever, as she posed for ‘Sports Illustrated’ in a painted on one-piece that gave the illusion of a plunging bathing suit, giving us ample view of her butt cheeks — and she looked hotter than ever. See her sexy, naked shoot here!

If Ronda Rousey, 28, decides she never wants to get back in the ring she can definitely launch a career as a sexy swimsuit model! The athlete stripped down, once again, to nothing more than a thin layer of body paint for Sports Illustrated on location in the Bahamas — talk about some fun in the sun. Ronda looked cool and confident in front of the camera as she put her butt on full display, all while standing at the edge of the water.

January 29, 2016
Who Is Travis Browne

Travis Browne: 5 Things To Know About Ronda Rousey’s Boyfriend

Ronda Rousey is a tough woman — arguably one of the toughest in the world — which means she needs an equally tough man by her side. Does Travis Browne, fit the bill? Ronda seems to think so, after all, they are both UFC stars! Get to know the REAL Travis Browne below!

Ronda Rousey, 28, is in love, and the lucky man is Travis Browne, 33. After keeping their relationship under wraps for nearly six months, the couple finally went public about their love in October 2015. Since then the pair has been inseparable and she was even spotted sporting a rather large ring on Jan. 23 while on the set of SNL. Are wedding bells in Ronda and Travis’ near future? Maybe! But before we get ahead of ourselves, here are five fast facts about Ronda’s man right here!

January 26, 2016
Ronda Rousey Diamond Ring

Ronda Rousey Engaged? The Truth Behind Her Huge Diamond Ring On ‘SNL’

Ronda Rousey’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ promos had everyone freaking out – thanks to a big ol’ honkin’ diamond ring! After seeing tons of PDA from Ronda and boyfriend Travis Browne, people thought it had to be a sign she’s engaged. So, is Ronda ready to walk down the aisle? Find out, here!

Ronda Rousey, 28, was sporting a pretty impressing diamond ring on THAT finger in the promos before Saturday Night Live, so we automatically thought she must be engaged to hot fighter boyfriend Travis Browne, 33. However, could it be something else? We have the answer, right here!

January 25, 2016
Ronda Rousey Boyfriend Still Married

Ronda Rousey Shocker: Travis Browne’s Ex Reminds Her She’s Still Married To Him

Is Ronda Rousey dating a married man? After the UFC fighter appeared to be wearing an engagement ring on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Ronda was given a not-so-friendly reminder that Travis Browne is a husband — to another woman! See what Travis’ ex had to say to Ronda here!

Ronda Rousey isn’t exactly a woman that takes crap from anyone, but when it involves the marital status of her boyfriend, Travis Browne, she might need to listen up! Things between Ronda and Travis are heating up, but there’s a little problem in their relationship: He’s still technically married to fitness model Jenna Renee Webb. To make matters worse, Travis’ estranged wife had no problem pointing that out to Ronda in a harsh Instagram post!

January 25, 2016

Ronda Rousey Engaged? She Flashes Diamond Ring On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Maybe we shouldn’t just be congratulating Ronda Rousey for an amazing ‘Saturday Night Live!’ The hostess with the mostess was caught wearing a diamond ring on THAT finger throughout the show. Is she engaged?

Is Ronda Rousey, 28, hiding something huge? The UFC powerhouse was wearing a diamond sparkler on her left ring finger during her debut Saturday Night Live appearance, and it had us all wondering if she might be engaged to boyfriend Travis Browne! So sneaky, Ronda!

January 24, 2016
Ronda Rousey Congratulates Holly Holm

Ronda Rousey Finally Congratulates Holly Holm For Her UFC 193 Win On ‘SNL’ — Watch

Ronda Rousey’s epic, joke-filled SNL monologue took a little detour for a serious moment, when she congratulated rival Holly Holm for her UFC 193 win. Click through to watch the gracious moment!

Ronda Rousey‘s loss to Holly Holm, 34, at UFC 193 in November 2015 was a total shock to both her and her fans, and Ronda’s deigned to remain silent ever since. But in her monologue as a first time host on Saturday Night Live on January 23, Ronda, 28, took the opportunity to give Holly a congratulatory shout out! Click through to watch!

January 24, 2016
Ronda Rousey SNL Skits

Ronda Rousey’s Top Epic Moments Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

Seriously, ‘Saturday Night Live’ nailed it when they asked Ronda Rousey to be a host. The UFC superstar came out and literally overpowered the audience — in a hilarious way. Here were our favorite moments of her big comedy debut!

Athletes have been considered some of the best hosts to ever grace the Saturday Night Live stage, and on Jan. 23 — Ronda Rousey was no different. Not only did she look sexy, but the UFC star tore up the stage with her acting skills!

January 24, 2016

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