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Calvin Harris’ ‘Ole’: Was It Actually Inspired By Rita Ora, Not Taylor Swift?

Could the speculation that Calvin Harris’ song ‘Ole’ is about Taylor Swift cheating be totally off-base?! After examining the lyrics a few times, we’ve realized that there might actually be a connection to one of the DJ’s other high-profile exes, Rita Ora. Hmm…

Things didn’t end great between Calvin Harris, 32, and Rita Ora, 25, when they broke up in 2014, but is it possible that she, not Taylor Swift, 26, is the subject of his scathing new song “Ole”?! Find out the connection between Rita and one very specific song lyric here!

July 8, 2016
Calvin Harris Dissing Exes

Calvin Harris Has A History Of Calling Out Exes — See the Proof

Taylor Swift is going to feel the wrath when Calvin Harris drops his song ‘Ole,’ which is allegedly about her cheating on him,’ on July 8, but she’s not the first ex the DJ has publicly called out. Who could forget that wild Twitter rant against Rita Ora in 2014!? Get refreshed here…

Calvin Harris, 32, has no problem telling it like it is — just ask his famous exes, Taylor Swift, 26, and Rita Ora, 25. Now that the DJ is reportedly dropping a major tell-all song about Tay, she joins Rita in being publicly called out by Calvin. And if you’re not familiar with his history with the British singer/actress, we’ve got ya covered!

July 7, 2016
Rita Ora Hosting America's Next Top Model

Rita Ora To Replace Tyra Banks As New Host Of ‘America’s Next Top Model’

Can you imagine Rita Ora asking ‘You wanna be on top?’ Well it may be on your TVs sooner than you think! The singer and actress is being offered the position as host of the brand new version of ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ insiders have told

“This fall the runway gets a revamp.” That’s the tagline for the new season of America’s Next Top Model which will include 14 episodes and run on VH1. The CW canceled the show in October 2015, with creator and host Tyra Banks stepping down, but with the younger, new network picking it up, VH1 hopes to bring in a “whole new generation.” So, who better to do that with, than Rita Ora?

July 1, 2016
Rita Ora Hospital

Rita Ora Rushed To Hospital For Exhaustion: Is She Ok?

This is so scary! Rita Ora stretched herself too thin, and ended up spending an entire afternoon in an emergency room at the hospital. We have all of the details!

Rita Ora, 22, is burning the candle at both ends, and as a result the busy songstress was hospitalized on June 29. She shared the frightening details of her trip to the emergency room on social media — find out if Rita has recovered!

June 30, 2016
rita ora calvin harris follow instagram

Rita Ora & Calvin Harris: Exes Re-Follow Each Other On Instagram After Taylor Swift Split

Well, this is interesting. Just as Taylor Swift’s new romance with Tom Hiddleston is heating up, Calvin Harris and his other ex, Rita Ora, started following each other on Instagram again — two years after their very public split. Is Calvin trying to get a reaction out of Taylor?

Calvin Harris, 32, and Rita Ora, 25, had a bitter breakup in 2014 — they even engaged in a nasty Twitter feud — but now, two years later, they just started following each other again on Instagram. And this comes just as his most recent ex, Taylor Swift‘s, romance with Tom Hiddleston, 35, has been heating up! Is it just a coincidence? Hmm.

June 23, 2016
Justin Bieber Rita Ora Collaborating

Justin Bieber & Rita Ora Collaborating On Secret Track Together: Friends With Benefits?

Love this! Are Justin Bieber and Rita Ora more than just friends? The pair have been spotted out together recently and has learned EXCLUSIVELY what these two have been up to in and out of the studio. Check out the latest!

Justin Bieber, 22, and Rita Ora, 25, have been keeping each other very busy lately. The pop stars have been in the studio collaborating on new music, which we can’t wait to hear. But are these two also hooking up? A source tells EXCLUSIVELY if the pair have become friends with benefits!

June 6, 2016

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