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Yvette Nicole Brown Carol Daryl Hook Up

Yvette Nicole Brown Thinks Carol & Daryl Will Finally Hook Up On ‘TWD’

Could Caryl finally get their moment in the sun? When spoke EXCLUSIVELY with ‘The Walking Dead’ super fan Yvette Nicole Brown, she revealed she thinks season six was made for a Carol and Daryl hook up!

Yvette Nicole Brown, 44, is one of the best and most frequent Talking Dead guests, so was delighted to talk all things The Walking Dead with her at the season six premiere on Oct. 9 in New York City. Of course we couldn’t resist asking which “ship” couple she wants to see hook up in the new season, and Yvette was more than happy to share her theories!

October 25, 2015

‘The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus: Daryl Won’t Be Falling In Love Anytime Soon

‘Walking Dead’ fans are so excited for the season six premiere but don’t expect Daryl Dixon to be falling in love. In a brand new interview with ‘Details’ magazine, Norman Reedus drops a major bombshell about his character.

Everyone loves Daryl Dixon [Norman Reedus] on The Walking Dead but don’t expect to see this bad boy fall for anyone this season. Norman, 46, tells Details that he’s “the last in line for love.” Ugh, we really had our hopes up but perhaps things will change throughout the course of this highly anticipated season.

October 9, 2015
The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere Spoilers

‘The Walking Dead’: 5 Things To Know About The Insane Season 6 Premiere

Are you really ready for the season six premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’? Here’s five very important things to look for during the Oct. 11 episode!

On Sunday night Oct. 11, The Walking Dead kicks off a brand new season that promises to be filled with chaos. was able to watch the episode in advance, and without spoiling anything we can tell you these five fun facts about what to expect!

October 9, 2015

‘The Walking Dead’: AMC Releases Violent New Season 6 Trailer — Watch

So scary! AMC released a haunting new ‘Walking Dead’ trailer during the Sept. 27 episode of ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ and in the video, we finally get to see the giant horde of walkers, which producers have been teasing fans about for quite some time. Try not to cover your eyes while watching.

“Things are going to get worse” on The Walking Dead, promises the new Season 6 trailer. And by worse, they mean scarier. At least that’s how we feel after watching the violent 30-second clip, which aired during the Sept. 27 episode of Fear The Walking Dead. Not only are Alexandria’s occupants questioning Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) authority, but some even believe he’s “dangerous.” However, they might want to turn their attention to the giant horde of walkers coming their way. Watch the shocking trailer here.

September 29, 2015
Walking Dead season 6 pics

Norman Reedus Grabs Andrew Lincoln’s Butt In Season 6 ‘Walking Dead’ Shots

Um, yes please. ‘The Walking Dead’ cast is heating up both the cover and pages of ‘Entertainment Weekly,’ and the pictures feature a certain someone (named Norman Reedus) getting seriously handsy!

Before Walking Dead returns to AMC for a sixth season on Oct. 11, the cast is previewing the new episodes– with quite the steamy photo shoot! Not only does the cast give us some smoldering face, but one picture specifically even features Norman Reedus grabbing the behind of his costar, Andrew LincolnThat oughta rile up the dead, right? Check out the pics!

July 30, 2015

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