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Nikki Reed Ian Somerhalder Relationship History

Nikki Reed & Ian Somerhalder’s Romance: From Friends To Fiances – Pics

Nikki and Ian’s whirlwind romance has them headed straight down the aisle. It’s time to take a trip down memory lane with these two!

Ian Somerhalder, 36, and Nikki Reed, 26, have only been dating for a little less than year, but it’s true love! The couple is now engaged to be wed sometime in 2015. Their relationship has been endless moments of adorable PDA and animal-loving cuteness. Here’s a timeline of their incredible romance!

February 7, 2015
Nikki Reed Engagement Ring

Nikki Reed’s $50K Engagement Ring From Ian Somerhalder Revealed

Nikki’s engagement ring is finally here and it’s amazing! Instead of choosing a traditional diamond, Ian opted to propose to his lady love with a stunning sparkler that looks more like a cocktail ring. We’re obsessed!

Ian Somerhalder, 36, sure has good taste! Not only has he chosen the perfect woman, Nikki Reed, 26, but he’s also chosen the perfect engagement ring! Nikki’s flower-shaped diamond stunner is super unique, just like her — plus, it’s ginormous!

February 4, 2015
nikki reed ian somerhalder vacation

Nikki Reed Treating Ian Somerhalder To A Pre-Wedding Vacation

Have you ever heard of a pre-wedding moon? Nikki Reed is excited to take her future husband, Ian Somerhalder, on trip before their big nuptials, according to a new report. Find out what exotic location the adorable couple may be jetting off to!

Nikki Reed, 26, and Ian Somerhalder, 36, probably have a lot on their mind in terms of wedding planning so it’s definitely a good idea for them to take a little vacation before the big day — we have all the deets about Nikki’s sweet surprise for Ian!

February 4, 2015
Nina Dobrev Not Speaking Ian Somerhalder

Nina Dobrev Barely Talking To Ian Somerhalder On ‘Vampire Diaries’ Set — Upset?

Uh oh. It looks like Ian’s whirlwind engagement to Nikki Reed is starting to get under his ex Nina’s skin! Nina is totally giving Ian the ‘cold’ shoulder on the ‘Vampire Diaries’ set, an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. Ian Somerhalder‘s directorial debut on The Vampire Diaries was a success from start to finish — except when it came to directing his…

February 3, 2015
Nina Dobrev Disses Nikki Reed

Nina Dobrev Dissing Nikki Reed – Unworthy Of Ian Somerhalder?

Talk about some MAJOR shade! Nina Dobrev totally just threw Nikki Reed under the bus with her recent Instagram message — find out what she said! Oh wow — the gloves are off! Nina Dobrev, 26, is still friendly with her ex, Ian Somerhalder, 36, but that doesn’t mean she’s playing nice with his new fiancée Nikki Reed,…

January 30, 2015

Nikki Reed’s Engagement Rings From Ian Somerhalder Worth $200,000

How gorgeous is Nikki’s unique bling from Ian? Not only do we love the style, but Nikki does, too — in fact, she can’t stop showing them off! Read on to find out all about her exquisite diamond bands.

Although at first Nikki Reed acted coy and kept quiet about her engagement to Ian Somerhalder, it was her blinged out ring finger that did all the talking — one look at her hand and it was clear that this couple was taking their relationship to the next level! Nikki first debuted a diamond eternity band, (a unique choice for an engagement ring!), on the red carpet on Dec. 11 at Rihanna‘s Diamond Ball in LA — and although she spent a month wearing it on her right ring finger on a slew of red carpets, when she went out jogging in LA on Jan. 28 it was firmly placed on her left ring finger — there’s no fooling us, Nikki!

January 29, 2015
Nikki Reed Engagement Ring

Nikki Reed & Ian Somerhalder: First Pic Of Her Engagement Rings

Nikki is finally showing off her engagement rings from Ian and they’re so beautiful and unique! And yes, she’s wearing them on that finger — check it out!

Nikki Reed, 26, treated fans to a glimpse of her gorgeous engagement rings from fiance Ian Somerhalder, 36, when she went jogging in Atlanta, Ga. on Jan. 29. And even better, Nikki flashed her rings again that some day with Ian on her arm!

January 29, 2015

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