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DWTS Sharna Burgess Switch Up

Sharna Burgess Reveals Extreme Pressure Of Switch Up Week — ‘DWTS’ Blog

Sharna Burgess definitely was put to the test during the Oct. 13 episode of ‘DWTS,’ when the switch up paired her with one of our fave singers, Andy Grammer. However, she was beyond impressed with the connection he made. Read her exclusive blog here.

Sparks flew on the sexy Switch Up week of Dancing with the Stars — at least between Alek Skarlatos and Emma Slater! However, it wasn’t so easy for everyone! Our girl Sharna Burgess had to let go of Nick Carter for the week — which obviously is not an easy task, while she joined another singer, Andy Grammer. So, how’d she feel about their performance?

October 13, 2015
Nick Carter Backstreet Boys Spice Girls Tour

Backstreet Boys Retiring? Nick Carter Says Tour With Spice Girls Would Be ‘Last Hurrah’

Is this the end of the Backstreet Boys?! While we totally love that Nick Carter said a joint tour with the Spice Girls is a definite possibility during an interview on Oct. 9, we didn’t like that he said if it happened, it’d be the band’s ‘last hurrah.’ Watch the video here!

This is so bittersweet. Nick Carter responded to those rumors surrounding a possible joint tour with the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls on Oct. 9, and while he got us excited, saying it’s a “cool idea” that he’s interested in, he also said he thinks it would be the band’s “last hurrah.” Say what?!

October 9, 2015
Sharna Burgess DWTS Backstreet Boys

Sharna Burgess’ ‘DWTS’ Blog: Nick Carter Made My ‘Rockstar Dreams’ Come True

‘Most memorable year’ night turned into a night Sharna Burgess had always dreamed of. In this week’s exclusive blog, she reveals that when AJ McLean and Nick Carter taught her the ‘Everybody’ dance, she flashed back to copying it after school when she was only 13. So cute!

As any girl would be, Sharna Burgess was absolutely glowing on the Oct. 5 episode of Dancing with the Stars, when she took the stage in a stunning little leather number and performed “Everybody” with Nick Carter. The night represented his most memorable year — 1996, when he met the Backstreet Boys, and they changed his life. Here’s this week’s blog, by Sharna, exclusive for HollywoodLife.

October 6, 2015
Nick Carter DWTS Backstreets Back

Nick Carter’s Emotional Confession On ‘DWTS’ — Backstreet Boys Saved My Life

Most memorable year is always the most emotional night on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ and on the Oct. 5 episode, we saw a new, softer side of Nick Carter, who revealed he would have ended up in jail or dead if the Backstreet Boys hadn’t saved his life.

Dancing with the Stars tugged at our heartstrings more than ever before on Oct. 5, as the contestants revealed their emotional past. Nick Carter‘s story was particularly moving, and he broke down in tears while revealing his struggles growing up.

October 6, 2015
DWTS Sharna Emotional

‘DWTS’: Sharna Burgess Grateful For Nick Carter’s Support — ‘He Was Just Perfection’

Talk about team work! Sharna had quite the emotional night on Sept. 22, and she got through it with the help of her partner, Nick Carter! She absolutely raved over him in this week’s exclusive blog.

Sharna Burgess definitely knows how to help Nick Carter. She told us the advice she gave him after his slip on Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars, and then revealed that when she had a touching experience the following night, he really helped her our. If that’s not team work, I don’t know what is. Here’s this week’s blog, with some exclusive photos from Team SharNick!

September 23, 2015
Nick carter I Will WAit

Nick Carter Drops Romantic ‘I Will Wait’ Music Video — Watch

Grab your tissues, guys. Nick Carter doesn’t only heat up the dance floor on ‘Dancing with the Stars’; he just dropped his new solo music video for ‘I Will Wait’ — a song about love that lasts for ever. Get ready to cry!

“I Will Wait” has no choreography, no fancy sets and no costumes. Instead, it shows Nick Carter, 35, singing a romantic love ballad, and playing the guitar, while the love story of an older couple unfolds. In it, he sings the beautiful lyrics to “I Will Wait,” a promise a man makes to a woman that even when she passes away, he’ll wait. Talk about pulling at your heart strings!

September 22, 2015

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