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Mitt Romney Blasts Donald Trump: He’ll Plunge Us Into Recession & Endanger World

Mitt Romney burnt Donald Trump so badly, his mic practically erupted in flames! During his epic March 3 speech, Mitt said Trump’s ‘useless’ economic sense would ‘plunge’ the economy into a deep recession, while his foreign policy would put the entire world in danger! Click to see Mitt’s other major slams!

Oh, Mitt Romney, 68, won’t be sporting a “Make America Great Again” hat anytime soon. During his political smackdown of Donald Trump, 69, not only did Mitt call Donald a useless “phony,” he said that President Trump would leave completely unsafe and in economic ruin!

March 3, 2016
Mitt Romney Donald Trump Speech

Mitt Romney Trashes ‘Dangerous’ ‘Con Man’ Donald Trump In Speech — Full Video

It went DOWN during Mitt Romney’s speech on the 2016 presidential race March 3! The politician totally slammed Donald Trump while speaking to the public, and flat-out told American Republicans that the GOP frontrunner is the WRONG choice for their party. Watch the whole thing here!

Donald Trump is going to have a LOT to say about this. Mitt Romney gave a speech outlining his opinions on the upcoming election, and spent a majority of his time at the podium trashing Trump, and urging his party members to make sure the 69-year-old, who he called ‘dangerous’ and ‘not smart,’ doesn’t have a chance to represent the GOP in the polls later this year. Check out a full video of the speech here!

March 3, 2016
Mitt ROmney Disses Donald Trump

Mitt Romney Blasts Donald Trump: He’s A ‘Phony’, A ‘Fraud’ & His Fans Are ‘Suckers’

The war is on between Mitt Romney and Donald Trump! In a speech about the 2016 presidential race on March 3, Mitt totally slams the GOP frontrunner, calling him a ‘phony’ and a ‘fraud,’ and dissing those supporting him in his run for the White House. Oh man!

Donald Trump may have endorsed Mitt Romney when he ran for president in 2012, but things are much different between the Republican politicians these days. Excerpts from Mitt’s upcoming speech about the 2016 election leaked online just hours before he was set to take the podium, and he has a LOT to say about Trump. Read it here!

March 3, 2016
Watch Mitt Romney Speech Live Stream

Mitt Romney’s Anti-Donald Trump Speech Live Stream: Watch Political Smackdown

Make way for Mitt Romney! The 2012 Republican presidential candidate is tired of Donald Trump’s outrageous antics and he’s letting the world know. Mitt promises to call Donald a ‘phony,’ a ‘fraud’ and an ‘evil’ candidate – and so much more in an epic speech. Click to watch!

Mitt Romney, 68, is mad as hell at Donald Trump, 69, and he’s not going to take it anymore! The former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate promises to drag Donald through the mud with a scorching speech that will leave Trump in flames!

March 3, 2016
Donald Trump Disses Mitt Romney

Donald Trump Releases Nasty Attack Ad Against Mitt Romney — Watch

He’s at it again! Mitt Romney announced that he plans to speak about the 2016 presidential race on March 3…and Donald Trump isn’t happy about it. So, of course, the potential GOP candidate took to social media to totally attack Mitt with a video and series of tweets. Watch here!

Donald Trump, 69, doesn’t want to hear about what Mitt Romney thinks of him, so before the former presidential candidate speaks about the 2016 election on March 3, Trump made it his mission to take the first blow. The GOP frontrunner even made a whole video attacking Mitt’s policies and slamming him as a hypocrite! Check out that and his new Twitter rant about Mitt here.

March 3, 2016
Late Show Stephen Colbert Promo

Stephen Colbert & Mitt Romney Team Up For New ‘Late Show’ Promo — Watch

There’s a new ‘Late Show’ host in town– and he’s got some big-name guest stars! Stephen Colbert has just released a first promo for his new job in late night, and he got some help from Mitt Romney!

Stephen Colbert,  51, will officially usurp the Late Show throne on Sept. 8, and that means it’s time to get to know the former Colbert Report host in a new capacity. In this first promo for his show, Stephen previews what we can expect when he heads over to CBS, and that involves some top-tier talent– and politicians! Yup, hi there, Mitt Romney! Check out the hilarious clip!

August 3, 2015

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