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Michelle Duggar Campaigned Against Transgender People — Called Them ‘Child Predators’

So shocking. A record shows that Michelle called transgender people ‘child predators’ as she fought to destroy a bill that would allow transgenders to choose the bathroom they wanted to use — all while knowing her son Josh had allegedly molested five girls when he was a teen.

The Duggar family continues to tread in deep water. Amid Josh Duggar’s child molestation scandal, a record from 2012 shows Michelle Duggar claiming transgender people have “past child predator convictions,” which is ironic because years later, Josh was accused of molesting children. Fans are outraged by the Duggar matriarch’s statement, calling her a hypocrite. See the shocking transcript here!

May 25, 2015
19 Kids And Counting Cancelled

’19 Kids & Counting’: TLC Pulls Show Amidst Josh Duggar Sex Scandal

Wow. TLC made a huge move by pulling one of their biggest shows, ’19 Kids & Counting’ from their lineup due to the shocking report that one of the stars molested multiple young girls. has all the details.

Has the end come for the hit show, 19 Kids & Counting? TLC has pulled the Duggar family’s reality show from their lineup and for good reason. A new report surfaced on May 22 that the network made the decision to take the reality show out, due to the shocking news that Josh Duggar sexually molested multiple girls when he was a teenager.

May 22, 2015

’19 Kids & Counting’ Finale: Duggars Reveal Family Courtship Secrets

On tonight’s ’19 Kids & Counting’ finale special, we got to take a look back at what a monumental year the Duggar family had. We also were treated to a few courtship secrets!

On the May 19 episode of 19 Kids & Counting, the Duggars courtships were broken down by each couple. TLC took to the streets to ask a handful of random people if they knew what courting meant and if they would be on board with the idea. Let’s just say the answers were very interesting.

May 19, 2015

’19 Kids And Counting’ Recap: Jill & Derick Find Out Gender Of Baby Dilly

It was all about the Dillard baby on tonight’s back-to-back episodes of ’19 Kids And Counting’. The Duggar family has been anxiously waiting to find out the gender of baby Dilly, so Jill and Derick throw a gender reveal party.

On the back-to-back April 7 episodes of 19 Kids & Counting, the Duggars come together to celebrate the announcement of baby Dilly’s gender, Joy steps up as the jurisdiction leader, Jill and Derick take on birthing classes and we finally find out if their child is going to be a bouncing baby boy or a sweet little princess.

April 7, 2015

’19 Kids & Counting’ Recap: It’s All About Jessa

In this week’s episode of ’19 Kids and Counting,’ the Duggars take a step back from wedding planning and remember Jessa throughout the years. We also get to see her and Ben celebrate with a joint Bachelor/Bachelorette party.

On the March 24 episode of 19 Kids & Counting, the Duggar family relived fond memories of Jessa’s childhood. The wedding is only two days away and it’s really hitting the Duggars hard that Jessa will no longer be living in their house.

March 24, 2015

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