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EXCLUSIVE! Rihanna Runs Into Ex-Lover Matt Kemp At Drake’s Post-Grammy Bash

How would you handle an unexpected run-in with someone you just stopped dating?

Awkward much? Leave it to Rihanna to still act like the queen of cool, even when faced with a potentially dramatic run in of the ex-boyfriend (hook-up, lover, etc) variety. Both Rihanna, 21, and LA Dodgers player Matt Kemp, 25, attended Drake’s Grammy afterparty at West Hollywood club Guys & Dolls Jan. 31 – and spent the evening studiously ignoring one another.

But the gutsy songbird had enough of the childish high school behavior and crossed the room to briefly – and cordially – speak to her recent ex. “Rihanna actually approached Matt,” an eyewitness tells “They spoke for about ten minutes before she went back to her table, but he didn’t follow.”

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February 2, 2010

Exclusive! Rihanna Wants to Keep Her Relationship With Matt Kemp Private…But He Has Different Ideas

Relationship expert Matt Titus tells how you can keep your love life on the DL, Rihanna – and how to make your man stop posting videos on FunnyOrDie!

After having her relationship with Chris Brown literally explode in the public eye, who could blame Rihanna for wanting to keep her newest romance under wraps? Unfortunately for the 21-year-old songbird, she seems to have chosen a man who can’t keep his mouth shut.

“Rihanna wants to make her relationship work by keeping it out of the public eye,” says a close friend of the singer’s. “She had no idea that the paparazzi would follow her to Mexico [where she and Matt Kemp were vacationing on the Sea of Cortez last week] and has vowed to keep her new love on the DL.”

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January 12, 2010

We Told You So! Rihanna and Her New Man Matt Kemp Are Doing Some Major League PDA!

SPL148584_020’s Laura Schreffler reported it yesterday — and just hours later she was snapped in Mexico with LA Dodger Matt Kemp!

Baseball player Matt Kemp scored a home run this holiday weekend … when he got extra cozy with a bikini-clad Rihanna!

As we told you first, after ringing in the new year in together in the United Arab Emirates, where Rihanna, 21, performed, the couple jetted down to Mexico for a little R&R … but also snuck in some PDA Jan. 4 south of the border.

With his arms wrapped tightly around his new lady love, Matt, 25, a 6’2″ outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, locked lips with the pop star in the pool, on the deck where he got touch-feely with Rihanna’s backside and again when they changed into different clothes.

January 5, 2010

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