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Happy Birthday, Gia Lopez! You’re One Today, September 11!

Can you believe it’s been a year since Mario Lopez and his girlfriend Courtney Mazza announced the birth of their adorable daughter Gia?

Proud papa Mario Lopez has let us watch Gia grow from a fragile newborn into a beautiful baby girl over the last 12 months — sharing photos and even bringing her on to the set of his TV show Extra!

September 11, 2011

Mario Lopez And Family Will Spend Gia's 1st Birthday Giving Back To Charity!

Mario Lopez may have it all, but for his daughter, Gia Francesca’s 1st birthday, he’s asking friends and family to give back! Find out how you can help!

As a proud daddy, Mario Lopez wants to raise Gia with good morals and values and for her first birthday, he’s teaching her the meaning of giving back! Instead of spending her big day lavishly like most Hollywood babies, Gia, who turns one on Sept. 11, and her parents are asking friends and family to make contributions to the Community Youth Athletic Center of Chula Vista, which benefits troubled youth in and around his hometown of San Diego, CA.

September 1, 2011

These New Dads Are Celebrating Their First Father's Day!

This weekend is extra special for these new members of the Hollywood daddy brigade — they’re all celebrating their first Father’s Day with their brand new babies!

From June to June, there’s been baby news (and new dads) popping up left and right — we can’t even keep track! But we’re sure these first-time celebrators of Father’s Day have no trouble remembering their special baby moments. Check ’em out! Read More!

June 18, 2011

Mario Doesn't Do Diapers But He Wants More Kids!

Mario Lopez tells when it come to daddy duties, changing diapers doesn’t top the list of his favorite things to do.

But that doesn’t mean Mario doesn’t want more kids….In fact he’s eager as can be!

June 12, 2011

Mario Lopez Wants As Many Kids As Brad & Angelina: 'I'm Gonna Go For It!'

He may just be the father of one for now, but Mario tells Ellen DeGeneres he’s all about babies, babies, babies!

We don’t know if Mario Lopez knows what he’s getting into but hey, go for it! The Extra host stopped by The Ellen Show yesterday, April 25, and showed off pictures of his 7-month-old daughter, Gia. And Mario, 37, is so in love with fatherhood that he’s already thinking about expanding his brood with girlfriend Courtney Mazza — he wants to be the next Brangelina!

April 26, 2011

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