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Jennifer Lopez Is Ready For Baby Number 3!

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One of the reasons J.Lo took the job as an American Idol judge was so that her family could stay in one place. And now that they’re settled into their L.A. home, it’s time to try for another baby!

Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony, 42, are ready to give their adorable 2½-year-old twins, Max and Emme, a little brother or sister! Although the couple struggled to conceive their twins, they want to add another little one to their beautiful brood. “Jennifer and Marc would love to get pregnant,” a friend of the family tells InTouch. Now that J.Lo and Marc are settled in Los Angeles, where she will be judging contestants on American Idol, it’s the perfect time for the pair to focus on baby number three, as they try to beat Jennifer’s biological clock. “At 41, her clock is running out,” another source explains, “but she’s encouraged by so many Hollywood women having babies after 40 and is ready to give it a try.”

November 23, 2010

Jennifer Lopez Brings Her Twins To The Launch Party For The Gucci Children's Collection!


J.Lo may have worn two different outfits, but her cutest accessories were her mini Gucci models, Max and Emme!

First they appeared on a huge billboard on Sunset Boulevard and now 2½-year-old twins Max and Emme Anthony were invited to attend the launch party for the new Gucci kid’s clothing line! Jennifer Lopez, 41, brought her tiny tots along for the collection’s launch in Beverly Hills, CA on Saturday (Nov. 20). Don’t you think they looked absolutely adorable? The twins were recently featured in an ad campaign for the luxury brand’s children’s line along with their Gucci loving mommy! “It’s the first time I have worked with my kids in that way,’ Jennifer says. “It was a totally special experience.”

November 22, 2010

J.Lo And Marc Anthony's Little Girl Emme Is A Fashionista — Just Like Mommy! So Cute!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s daughter, Emme, loves clothes and dressing up. But, her twin brother Max would rather go commando! Are your kids the same way?

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony‘s daughter, Emme, is one little fashionista! “You don’t see her on sunset strip?” Marc asks Extra about the Gucci billboard she is featured on with mom and twin brother Max. “My daughter is a Gucci model! I literally drive by and I’m like when did this happen?” Jennifer says that her lovely lady is big into accessorizing and looking stylish! “She’s very particular,” J.Lo says. “She’ll put on a scarf and she’ll be like ‘No, not like that, like this!’ And she’ll fix it.”

November 19, 2010

Watch This! Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Have Fun With Their Twins Behind The Scenes At Their Gucci Photo Shoot!

Courtesy of Gucci

We thought the Gucci ads featuring J. Lo and her twins were absolutely beautiful, but after watching this behind the scenes video, we are even more in love with the Lopez-Anthony family!

When you think of Jennifer Lopez, the word diva is never far behind, but we are totally rethinking that after watching the doting mom and her husband, Marc Anthony, playing with their 2½-year-old twins, Max and Emme, behind the scenes as they shot their a Gucci ad campaign! The tots look like they’re having the time of their lives! “We’ve never done anything like this and it was very challenging to shoot pictures, but a lot of fun,” Jennifer says. Check out the video and you’ll see that J. Lo is more down-to-earth than demanding!

October 26, 2010

Jennifer Lopez Reveals The Real Reason She Wants To Be A Judge On 'American Idol' — It's For Her Twins!

American Idol‘s newest judge is looking forward to spending more time with her husband, Marc Anthony, and their twins, Max and Emme, now that they’re relocating from Long Island to Los Angeles.

Were you shocked to find out that Jennifer Lopez agreed to be the new judge on American Idol? If you were, you’re not alone. J. Lo reveals that neither she nor her husband Marc Anthony, 42, expected her to judge a singing competition. “Marc is excited for me but I don’t know that we ever thought I’d do something like this,” the 41-year-old said at an American Idol press event. Jennifer revealed that she actually agreed to do the show so that she could spend more time with her 2-year-old twins, Max and Emme. “We’re really happy that we can be in one place with the babies for a while,” she said.

September 26, 2010

J.Lo Says She Lays Down the Law at Home, While Hubby Marc Anthony is a Pushover

The superstar actress and singer has no problem being the enforcer for her twins, and allowing hubby Marc Anthony to be the “good cop.”

You wouldn’t know it to look at her, but Jennifer Lopez actually enjoys being something of a drill sargeant in her house, keeping 2-year-old twins Emme and Max in line. “I’m the one who keeps everyone on schedule,” she says in an interview with Glamour magazine to promote her new album, Love? “Like, got to go to bed at this time, got to eat something …” While husband Marc Anthony can’t say no. “When it comes to all his kids [including a daughter and sons from previous relationships],” she says of her husband of five years, “he’s mush, whatever they want.”Click here to read more

August 3, 2010

Are Jennifer Lopez’ Twins Max and Emme Gucci’s Newest Models?

Little Max and Emme joined their mom, Jennifer Lopez, on the beach for a photo shoot for the high-end label.

Welcome to the family business, Max and Emme Anthony! Jennifer Lopez’s 2-year-old twins joined their diva mom for a photo shoot on the beach in Malibu yesterday. The shoot was for Gucci, which, coincidentally, is launching a kids’ fashion line in November.
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July 14, 2010

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