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Dr. Luke Sister Disses Lady Gaga

Dr. Luke’s Sister Bashes Lady Gaga & Other Kesha Supporters: ‘It’s Like A Witch Hunt’

Dr. Luke’s sister, Vezna Gottwald, is not happy at all. She’s calling out Kesha’s A-list supporters like Lady Gaga and Adele and comparing them to witches! has all the details here.

Dr. Luke’s , 42, sister, Vezna Gottwald, is coming to her brother’s defense! She’s claiming that the music producer did not rape Kesha, 29, and her celebrity supporters and friends are just a bunch of witches.

March 2, 2016
Dr Luke Kesha Lady Gaga Oscars

Dr. Luke Lashes Out At Kesha For Thanking Lady Gaga: You’re Not A Victim

Dr. Luke thinks Kesha has absolutely NO business thanking Lady Gaga for her Oscars performance of “Til It Happens To You.” In fact, the Sony producer has made a public statement trashing Kesha for trying to make the Academy Awards moment about her. Yikes!

The battle between continues. Kesha, 28, publicly thanked Lady Gaga, 29, for bringing awareness to sexual assault during her performance at the Oscars, but her alleged rapist, Dr. Luke, is slamming that message — because he’s holding firm to his statement that he never forced himself on her. You won’t believe what he’s said back in response!

February 29, 2016
Kesha Lady Gaga Oscars Performance

Kesha Thanks Lady Gaga For Oscars Performance On Abuse: ‘It Hit Close To Home For Me’

Lady Gaga’s beautiful performance on abuse not only brought everyone to tears at the Oscars on Feb. 28, but it also had a big impact on alleged sexual assault victim, Kesha. We have the details of her message, here.

Lady Gaga, 29, no doubt had the most powerful performance of the night at the 88th Academy Awards on Feb. 28. and Kesha, 28, who has allegedly been a victim of sexual assault, thanked the Mother Monster herself for it. Read on for more details.

February 29, 2016
Kesha Sings Thanks

Kesha Thanks Taylor Swift, Adele & Other Supporters With Emotional Song — Watch

Kesha is so overwhelmed by gratitude for all of the support that she’s received in the wake of her legal loss in the battle with Dr. Luke and Sony that she couldn’t put it into words. However, she did put it into a song! See the heartfelt thank you, right here.

Kesha is such a beautiful soul! The singer is super grateful for all the support that she’s gotten from stars and fans since a judge ruled that she couldn’t break her contract with Sony, and thus couldn’t escape her alleged rapist Dr. Luke. To show everyone how she feels, her attorney Mark Geragos took to Twitter to share a video of Kesha singing a song she wrote for supporters. Listen, here!

February 26, 2016
Kesh Duet Taylor Swift

Kesha Begs Taylor Swift & Other Supporters To Record Duets For Comeback Album

So exciting! Kesha definitely hasn’t forgotten about her music amidst all of the drama with Dr. Luke, and a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that she has big plans for her next album – including some high-powered duets! We have the details, here.

Kesha isn’t going to let the lawsuit against Dr. Luke derail her creative process! A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Kesha is asking her huge supports like Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson to do a special duet record with her. Here’s what we know.

February 25, 2016
Kesha Cancels Concert

Kesha Stuck In Dr. Luke Contract: Sony Breaks Silence On Legal Battle

Sony has just broken their silence on their contentious legal battle between Dr. Luke and Kesha in a statement to

Fans and celebrities all over the world are begging Sony to release Kesha from her contract with Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald‘s Kemosabe Records under the Sony umbrella. But until now, Sony has remained tight-lipped. In an exclusive statement to, Sony’s attorney, Scott Edelman tells us that they don’t have the power to “terminate the contractual relationship.”

February 25, 2016
Kesha Cancels Concert

Kesha Cancels College Concert In The Middle Of Nasty War With Dr. Luke

Poor Kesha! Not only is the singer not releasing any new music because of her legal battle with Dr. Luke, she is also cancelling her upcoming performances. has all the details here.

Kesha’s, 28, nasty war with Dr. Luke, 42, just keeps getting worse and worse. The “Tik Tok” singer has cancelled her scheduled performance at Loyola University Chicago’s Colossus 2016 event amidst her allegations that the Grammy-nominated music producer raped her.

February 25, 2016

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