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Kesha Cancels Concert

Kesha Cancels College Concert In The Middle Of Nasty War With Dr. Luke

Poor Kesha! Not only is the singer not releasing any new music because of her legal battle with Dr. Luke, she is also cancelling her upcoming performances. has all the details here.

Kesha’s, 28, nasty war with Dr. Luke, 42, just keeps getting worse and worse. The “Tik Tok” singer has cancelled her scheduled performance at Loyola University Chicago’s Colossus 2016 event amidst her allegations that the Grammy-nominated music producer raped her.

February 25, 2016

Lady Gaga Sweetly Kisses Kesha & Holds Her Hand To Show Support Against Dr. Luke

Kesha is getting an outpouring of support from celebs and the latest is Lady Gaga. The singer posted a series of pics to her Instagram telling the world that Kesha should be ‘free’ and able to get out of her contract at Sony with Dr. Luke.

Kesha definitely has a friend in Lady Gaga. The singer posted a sweet snap of her holding Kesha’s hand and closing their eyes. She then posted a lengthy message that Kesha, 28, has given strength to women all over the world who are afraid to speak out against the individuals that assaulted them. Gaga has been very vocal about the fact that she was sexually assaulted in her 20s and she clearly stands behind Kesha.

February 25, 2016
Taylor Swift Money Kesha Kanye West

Taylor Swift: Why Donating To Kesha Was A Message To Kanye West To Back Off

Kanye West can’t seem to stop dissing Taylor Swift — but she’s ready to put the feud behind her. The singer can’t wait to move past this controversy, and donating money to Kesha was the first step. has the EXCLUSIVE scoop!

After everything Kanye West, 38, has said about her, Taylor Swift, 26, is more about women empowerment than ever…which is part of the reason she decided to give Kesha $250,000 to help with her finances and legal fees. Find out why the 26-year-old is making a point not to ‘Ye’s disses directly right here!

February 25, 2016
Adele Supports Kesha Brit Awards

Adele Proudly Throws Support Behind Kesha While Accepting Brit Award — Watch

Kesha has another A-lister in her corner. Adele gave the singer a shoutout while accepting a trophy at the Brit Awards on Feb. 24, and publicly revealed that she’s supporting her in her lawsuit against Sony and Dr. Luke. So incredible!

Adele, 27, just did something truly amazing. The “Hello” singer had a big moment at the 2016 Brit Awards on Feb. 24, but rather than making the whole thing about herself, she decided to use the platform to reveal she’s firmly standing behind Kesha during her troubling time. Watch her speech here!

February 24, 2016
Kesha Hollywood Game Night

Kesha Has Some Fun On ‘Hollywood Game Night’ Amid Brutal Legal Battle — Watch

Kesha got a much needed chance for some fun when she appeared on ‘Hollywood Game Night’! The pop star was able to forget her harrowing legal battle for an evening shared with other celebs, and show off her competitive chops! Click through to watch her dominate!

Did you know that Kesha is excellent at the Word Game? Kesha, 28, proved her prowess on the February 23 episode of Hollywood Game Night, taking a well deserved respite from her ongoing battle with Sony and Dr. Luke. Click through to see her fun game night with so many other celebs!

February 24, 2016
Kesha Swollen From Tears

Kesha Says Her ‘Face Is Swollen From Tears’ Over Support During Dr. Luke Legal Battle

Kesha is overwhelmed by how much support she’s been getting from stars and fans alike during her brutal legal battle with music producer Dr. Luke. She took to Instagram to share a photo of her face ‘swollen from tears ‘of gratitude. See her sweet message, here.

Kesha had an incredibly tough week after she was denied the ability to break her contract with Sony and escape her alleged sexual abuser and music producer Dr. Luke. However, she is filled with gratitude for the many stars and fans that have sent her both financial and emotional support, which left her face “swollen with tears.” We have her heartfelt message, here.

February 23, 2016
Dr. Luke Kesha Sleeping Pic

Dr. Luke Deletes Creepy Pic Of Kesha In Bed Amidst Rape Allegations — See The Photo

And the war between Kesha and Dr. Luke rages on. After the grammy-nominated music producer denied ever raping or having sex with Kesha, fans noticed he allegedly deleted a photo of the singer sleeping in bed, which he tweeted in 2009. See it here!

Dr. Luke may have some explaining to do, as the music producer allegedly deleted a picture of a sleeping Kesha he posted on Twitter in 2009. This is shocking because he recently denied ever raping or having sex with the “TiK ToK” singer, even though she claims he did.

February 23, 2016

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