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Kendra On Top Trailer

‘Kendra On Top’: Kendra Goes On Dates & Secretly Texts Other Guys — Trailer

Well, this doesn’t look so good. Still reeling from the rumors that Hank Baskett cheated on her with a transgender, Kendra Wilkinson is trying to move on this season on ‘Kendra On Top’ — but it’s not going to be easy. Watch this drama-filled trailer.

Kendra Wilkinson is “playing with fire” in the new Kendra on Top trailer — and it looks like she’s not actually afraid to get burned. In the new teaser for season four, we see that she’s still trying to move on and get her life back and to do so, she’s hanging out with other men, texting, and partying! Is it possible that she can ever forgive Hank Baskett or will she end up cheating?

July 29, 2015
Kendra Wilkinson Message Hank Baskett

Kendra Wilkinson Slams Hank Baskett Haters In New Message: ‘I Believe In Him’

Kendra Wilkinson has Hank Baskett’s back. After a cheating scandal rocked their marriage, Kendra posted an emotional message on July 18 about Hank. She boldly defended their marriage and called Hank ‘the love of my life.’

Kendra Wilkinson, 30, and Hank Baskett’s marriage is stronger than ever. Following months of getting their marriage back on track after Hank’s cheating scandal nearly destroyed it, Kendra shared a special Instagram message about her husband on July 18. Kendra told the haters not to “f**k with me” and that she believes in Hank and their marriage.

July 19, 2015
Kendra Wilkinson Hank Baskett Crying

Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett Cry While Confronting His Alleged Affair — Watch

Emotions boil over in this new ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ clip, which shows Kendra Wilkinson confronting Hank Baskett about his decision to keep his alleged affair from her. Click inside to WATCH.

Kendra Wilkinson, 30, and her husband, Hank Baskett, 32, really came to blows while filming the latest season of Marriage Boot Camp. Unfortunately for the couple, not all of their problems could be solved as quickly as they hoped, especially when Kendra finally loses it because Hank waited for the press to reveal his alleged infidelity. Eek.

July 17, 2015
Marriage Boot Camp Kendra Travis Fight

‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Kendra Flips Out After Being Called Fake — Watch

Don’t you all know not to mess with Kendra Wilkinson anymore? In an exclusive sneak peek of this week’s ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,’ she gets into it with Aubrey O’Day’s boyfriend Travis Garland, who calls her fake. Not a smart move, Travie.

Dressed head-to-toe in balloon animals, Kendra Wilkinson goes to head to head with Travis Garland this week, after he calls her out on “holding back.” When it comes to her issues with Hank Baskett, the couple have really been private — but Travis doesn’t get why they didn’t just go see the experts on their own, instead of coming on the show and “wasting everyone’ time.” Needless to say, she was not happy. Watch this sneak peek to Marriage Boot Camp!

July 10, 2015
Hank Baskett Transgender Affair Truth

Hank Baskett: Transgender Woman ‘Fondled’ Him Against His Will, Night He ‘Cheated’

So shocking! Hank Baskett finally decided to come clean about his ‘affair.’ The former NFL player claims he ‘froze’ when the transgendered model, he was accused of cheating with, fondled him through his shorts, and it almost ruined his marriage to Kendra Wilkinson.

One year after he was accused of cheating on Kendra Wilkinson, 30, with a transgender woman, Hank Baskett, 32, has finally decided to come clean about the night in question. In a surprising new interview, Hank admitted, “I messed up,” before adding, “I put myself in a bad situation. And everything through me brought pain upon this family.” So what exactly happened that night? Here’s what he said.

July 1, 2015
Holly Madison Playboy Scandal

Holly Madison & More: Playboy’s Most Scandalous Bunnies

The hottest Playboy Bunnies have experienced their fair share of scandal. From Holly Madison’s latest tell-all to Kendra Wilkinson’s recent drama, we’re taking a look at Playboy’s most jaw-dropping scandals.

Playboy drama! Some of our favorite sexy Bunnies from over the years have rocked our world with scandal. Holly Madison recently floored us with shocking details on what went on at the Playboy Mansion, Kendra Wilkinson has been dealing with Hank Baskett’s cheating scandal, and then, of course, there’s Anna Nicole Smith.

June 27, 2015
marriage boot camp kendra wilkinson demands hank baskett

‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Kendra Demands Hank Fights For Her — Watch

Wow! On the upcoming episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ Kendra Wilkinson gets blasted over the way she yells at her husband, Hank Baskett. But even after she gets scolded, she still angrily demands that he fights for her! We’ve got an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek!

Don’t say that Kendra Wilkinson, 30, can’t fight like the best of them. The former Girls Next Door star is known for letting her anger out, and on in a preview of the June 26 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, hosts Elizabeth Carroll, 58 and Jim Carroll, 60, give Kendra a taste of her own medicine. But, even as the tables have turned, Kendra still demands that her husband, Hank Baskett, 35, stand up for her!

June 26, 2015

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