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Kate Gosselin Defends Racist Picture

Kate Gosselin (Courtesy of Twitter)

Kate Gosselin Defends Her Allegedly Racist ‘Personal Photo’

Kate Gosselin wants everyone to know that she’s not racist! Although a photo of her seemingly mocking Asians recently surfaced on the internet, Kate used her website to publicly defend the picture on June 25.

Kate Gosselin, who is a mom to eight half-Korean children, was accused of being a racist when a Twitter user posted a controversial picture of her on June 23. We couldn’t believe the picture when it surfaced, and Kate can’t either, so she defended herself, calling it a “personal photo” that was released without permission.

June 26, 2013
Kendra Wilkinson

Wife Swap: Kate Gosselin Says Kendra Wilkinson Doesn’t Care About Her Family

On the season premiere of ‘Celebrity Wife Swap,’ Kate is overwhelmed with how much free time (and girls’ nights out) Kendra has, while Kendra nearly loses one of Kate’s kids on a surprise family outing! Read on for the full recap.

Kendra Wilkinson and Kate Gosselin seemingly have a lot in common — they were both featured on their own reality shows, and each competed on separate seasons of Dancing with the Stars — but when it comes to their home lives, they couldn’t be more different. Kendra was in for a world of shock when she stumbled into Kate’s home and took on the role of single mom to eight kids.

February 26, 2013
Kate Gosselin The View Tan

Kate Gosselin: Super Tan On The View — Love Or Loathe? Vote

The famous mom of eight was on ‘The View’ on Feb. 26, showing off her toned body in a short purple tank dress. Since she was showing so much skin, we couldn’t help but notice — she looked orange!

Was it a faux tan faux pas? Maybe it was just our TV, but Kate Gosselin, 37, was definitely too tan for our taste! HollywoodLifers, do you love or loathe the super tan look? Vote below. Plus, we’ll tell you how to fix YOUR self-tanning mishaps!

February 26, 2013
Kate Gosselin Celebrity Wife Swap

Kate Gosselin’s Kids Scared When Left By Mom For ‘Wife Swap’ TV Show

When the single mom left her eight children for a week with a complete stranger and a TV crew of unfamiliar faces, the Gosselin kids were reportedly ‘traumatized’ by the experience! Read on for more details.

Kate Gosselin abandoned her life as a single mom of eight kids for a week to tape the ABC spinoff show Celebrity Wife Swapwhere she traded places with fellow Dancing with the Stars alum Kendra Wilkinson. But her children were not happy to be a part of the experience — in fact, they were terrified for the whole week!

February 15, 2013
Kate Gosselin Kendra Wilkinson Wife Swap

Kate Gosselin & Kendra Wilkinson To Switch Places On ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

The mom of eight and the former ‘Girls Next Door’ star are making their way back to reality TV, and trading lives for a week! Who do YOU think has the better end of the bargain?

As a wife to former NFL player Hank Baskett and a happy mother of baby Hank Baskett IV, 3, Kendra Wilkinson is giving it all up to be a single mother of eight. On a new episode of Celebrity Wife Swap airing Feb. 26, the Playboy alum is trading lives with former TLC reality star Kate Gosselin for a week!

February 14, 2013

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