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Kate Gosselin’s Sextuplets Support Mady & Cara Dissing Mom On ‘View’

Kate Gosselin shared a family photo of her sextuplets together at home watching their older twin sisters Cara and Mady’s cringe-worthy Jan. 20 interview on ‘The View.’ She revealed the kids were ‘SO excited’ to see the show, which happened to be full of major disses to their family!

Kate Gosselin‘s sextuplets, 9, watched their mom and older twin sisters Mady and Cara, 13, during their Jan. 20 appearance on The View. After their segment aired, Kate shared a cute family photo on her Twitter page, but given the fact the girls were dissed their mom during the TV show, Kate’s tweet felt like she was backtracking to distract attention away from the interview’s awkwardness!

January 21, 2014
Gosselin Twins Interview

Kate Gosselin Drags Twins On ‘The View’ & Mady Slams Her Again

You’d think Kate would have learned after Mady and Cara’s awkwardly dissed her on ‘Today’ on Jan. 16, but apparently not. The mother of eight once again brought her teenaged twins on TV on Jan. 20 and — no surprise here — they once again threw major shade at their mom. Watch the awkwardness unfold below!

At least Mady and Cara Gosselin talked when they joined their mother Kate Gosselin on The View on Jan. 20. But unfortunately for Kate, the twins were still totally defiant and they dissed her even harder!

January 20, 2014

Jon Gosselin: Kids Can’t Even Breathe Without Upsetting Kate Gosselin

Jon Gosselin’s worst fears about his kids were realized after his ex, Kate and their twin daughters’ awkward interview on ‘The Today Show.’ Jon thinks the kids are not well-adjusted, and their life of seclusion only damages them further by making them feel afraid.

Jon Gosselin has been very outspoken about the way his ex, Kate Gosselin, parents their eight kids, even before their teenage twins Cara and Mady gave a cringeworthy Today Show interview with their mom. Jon was already concerned about the kids’ well being under Kate’s watch before the intense, televised stare-down, since “you can’t breathe the wrong way without upsetting her,” he told InTouch.

January 17, 2014
Kate Gosselin Daughters

Kate Gosselin: Stop Using Your Children For Fame

If ever a message was delivered loudly and clearly on the ‘Today’ show, it was this. Your teen twins, Cara and Mady Gosselin do NOT want to be trotted out on TV to get you back in the spotlight!

Kate Gosselin — you need to leave your 13-year-old twin daughters, Cara and Mady Gosselin, alone, and at home — don’t force them to sit on the Today show couch again. Your shockingly uncomfortable interview with Savannah Guthrie and your daughters on Jan. 16 might now actually now be used as an example in the dictionary to actually define the word, “awkward.”

January 17, 2014
Kate Gosselin Today Show

Kate Gosselin Damage Control: Says Twins Had ‘Stage Fright’ On ‘Today’

Kate Gosselin has a major PR crisis on her hands. Her shockingly awkward and uncomfortable Jan. 16 ‘Today’ show interview with her 13-year-old twin daughters is being blasted by the media, and now Kate has taken to Twitter to defend herself!

On Jan. 16, Kate Gosselin seemed to make a major parenting error when she had her daughters Cara and Mady, both 13, sit down with her for a Today show interview with Savannah Guthrie. The clearly uncomfortable girls refused to back up Kate’s claims that they had not been damaged by their life in the spotlight, but Kate is still determined to prove that it all came down to a case of stage fright.

January 17, 2014
Kate Gosselin Daughters

Kate Gosselin Didn’t ‘Protect’ Twins By Pressuring Them On ‘Today’ Show

Kate shocked the world when she snapped at her 13-year-old twins during an uncomfortable tell-all interview on the ‘Today’ show. Kate may have been embarrassed by her kids’ awkward silence on the show, but she should have responded by reassuring them, not reprimanding them, child psychologist Dr. David Gottesfeld tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Kate Gosselin brought twins Mady and Cara, 13, on the Today show so they could tell the world how well-adjusted they are, but the whole thing blew up in Kate’s face when the girls fell silent and didn’t stick to the script. Unfortunately Kate handled the situation in the worst possible way. “A parent’s job is to protect their child,” not to “pressure” them, Dr. David Gottesfeld, a clinical psychologist for children and adolescents, tells EXCLUSIVELY.

January 16, 2014
Kate Gosselin Girls

Jon Gosselin: My Girls Went Silent On ‘Today’ Show ‘Out Of Fear’ Of Kate

No one was more shocked than Jon Gosselin when his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, humiliated their 13-year-old twins on the ‘Today’ show on Jan. 16. Jon believes the reason the usually talkative twins didn’t speak up was because they were terrified of Kate! ‘All the stress got to them,’ Jon tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Jon Gosselin was horrified not only that Kate Gosselin brought twins Mady and Cara, 13, on the Today show for an uncomfortable tell-all interview — but also that she snapped at them on live television when they fell silent and didn’t stick to the script. spoke with the girls’ father, Jon, after the show, and he slammed his ex for intimidating the teens on TV.

January 16, 2014

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