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John Stamos attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards, Feb. 22, 2015, CA. (Getty)

John Stamos Disses Olsen Twins For Not Returning To ‘Fuller House’

Shade thrown! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are sadly not returning to ‘Fuller House,’ and John seemingly agrees that if it weren’t for ‘Full House,’ they wouldn’t have a career. See his diss here!

While we’re still disappointed that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen28, will not be reprising their role as Michelle Tanner in Netflix’s Full House spin-off, Fuller Houseit seems like John Stamos51, is literally heartbroken over the news, too. However, the actor also seemingly dissed the Olsen twins for not returning, by retweeting a tweet which says they wouldn’t have a career if not for Full House!

May 23, 2015

John Stamos Calls Mary-Kate Olsen ‘Family’ — Will She Join Spinoff?

Maybe the Olsen twins will join ‘Fuller House’ after all! John Stamos revealed on Twitter that he just had a heart to heart with Mary-Kate. And this comes right after the sisters denied knowing about the Netflix spinoff!

And the plot thickens! When Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen finally broke their silence about the Fuller House spinoff, saying they weren’t even called, John Stamos called “bullsh-t” on the whole thing. However, just two days later it sounds like he made up with the twins!

April 29, 2015
full house spinoff

John Stamos Calls ‘Bullsh-t’ On Olsen Twins’ Claim They Were Left Out Of ‘Fuller House’

The ‘Fuller House’ back and forth continues. John Stamos took to Twitter to clarify that he did in fact reach out to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to be a part of the ‘Full House’ spinoff– and he had some very choice words.

John Stamos wants to make it clear that he reached out to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen about joining the Full House spinoff series, Fuller HouseWhen John broke the news that the revival was officially happening, the question of which cast members of the original series would and wouldn’t be returning quickly ran through everyone’s minds. After conflicting reports about their involvement, Mary-Kate and Ashley claimed that John had not actually reached out to them in the first place. Well, on April 26, John took to his Twitter to set the record straight!

April 27, 2015

‘Full House’: John Stamos Confirms Reunion & Spinoff Are Happening — Watch

OMG! It’s official! During an April 20 appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ John Stamos confirmed that Netflix has picked up a 13-episode ‘Full House’ reunion/spinoff series. Find out what we can expect when the beloved show returns!

Netflix, we thank you. The streaming service has ordered a 13-episode Full House spinoff series that is expected to premiere in 2016. John Stamos, 51, confirmed the Fuller House rumor on Jimmy Kimmel Live April 20, and even dished on some plot details. Get the scoop!

April 21, 2015
galavant premiere

‘Galavant’ First Look: Isabella Tricks Prince Galavant – Watch

Prince Galavant may be one hot royalty, but Isabella finds him hysterical — and is totally out to get him. In this first look clip, the prince rides through the forest to find his ‘one true love’ that the king ‘stole’ from him. However, what he doesn’t know is that his friends aren’t really on his side.

Galavant hits the silver screen on Sunday, Jan. 4 for it’s four-week run and let’s just say, get your tissues ready because you may cry from laughing in this musical mini-series. Just from this one clip, we meet the egotistical, yet very handsome Prince Galavant, played by Joshua Sasse, as well as the woman who is pretending to help him. Watch!

January 4, 2015
John Stamos Surprises Holiday Shoppers

John Stamos surprises shoppers (Courtesy of YouTube)

John Stamos Surprises Holiday Shoppers By Paying For Their Gifts

We never thought we could love John Stamos anymore than we already do, but apparently we can. The Hollywood heartthrob was feeling super festive this season and ‘jingled’ some lucky shoppers!

John Stamos, 51, and his perfect hair, surprised a number of lucky shoppers at JCPenny, when he showed up in a bearded disguise, ready to pay for some of their holiday gifts!

December 24, 2014
Will Smith 90s

Hottest ’90s TV Guys: Will Smith, John Stamos & More — Pics

Browse our gallery of unforgettable ’90s hunks, then vote for your favorite!

You swooned over them, you posted their pictures on your bedroom wall, and most importantly, you made sure to always watch them live — you know, because DVR didn’t exist back then. They were the finest gentlemen of ’90s television, and now, is giving them the tribute they deserve.

February 8, 2014

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