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EXCLUSIVE! Could Marc Bouwer Be Designing Emily Blunt's Wedding Dress?

Emily isn’t saying who she chose to design her wedding dress, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she gave the project to a “good friend” Marc!

Designer Marc Bouwer knows exactly what Emily Blunt wants in a wedding dress. “She has a models body,” Marc explained of John Krasinki‘s fiancé to exclusively June 7 at “Freeing Voices Changing Lives,”The American Institute for Stuttering’s 4th Annual Benefit Gala at the Tribeca Rooftop in NYC. “I think she can take on different characters; she can be totally sophisticated and sweet and pretty. I would like to see Emily in something very slim, simple and sheath like!” Click to read more of our interview with Marc!

June 8, 2010

EXCLUSIVE! Emily Blunt's Fitness Secrets: How She's Preparing For Her Big Day!

Pilates, yoga, a personal trainer, cardio — Emily is doing it ALL to get in shape for her wedding!

The big day is almost here for Emily Blunt and The Office star John Krasinski! It’s rumored that the two are getting married this month, and although Emily wouldn’t confirm or deny the rumor, she did tell us what she’s doing to get in shape for her trip down the aisle. “I’ve been working out more recently,” Emily told exclusively June 7 at Freeing Voices Changing Lives, The American Institute for Stuttering’s 4th Annual Benefit Gala at the Tribeca Rooftop in NYC.

Click here to get Emily’s work out plan!

June 8, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel Bans Robert Pattinson And Taylor Lautner From The Handsome Men's Club!

Don’t worry boys – we still think you’re the hottest of them all!

What do you think happens when some of the hottest men in Hollywood get together and discuss their most pressing issues behind closed doors? You get something like this hilarious sketch that premiered on Jimmy Kimmel‘s post-Oscar show following the Academy Awards March 7. And while there are a lot of good-lookin’ gents in one room, our two favorite Twilight stars aren’t among them! How is this possible?

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March 9, 2010

Which Hottie Should Play 'Captain America?' John Krasinski, Chace Crawford Or Mike Vogel?

Marvel is holding auditions for the Captain America movie — so who do you think should be the next big superhero?

Young, strapping hotties all over Hollywood are trying on their superhero pants right now as they prep to audition for the title role in Marvel Productions’ new Captain America flick. According to Nikki Finke at Deadline: Hollywood, top contenders for the role include The Office‘s John Krasinski, Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford and Cloverfield’s Mike Vogel.

Captain America, which is set to premiere July 22, 2011, tells the story of Steve Rogers, a sub-par soldier who volunteers for a top secret research project that transforms him into a superhero named Captain America.
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February 24, 2010

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Have A Pre-Valentine's Day Date At 'The Wolfman' Premiere

The couple headed back to the scene of their first date at Emily’s big premiere in Hollywood!

Looking effortlessly stylish and oh-so-much in love, John Krasinski joined fiancee Emily Blunt Feb. 9 to support her at the premiere of her new movie, The Wolfman, at the Arclight Theaters in Hollywood — the very theater where they stepped out and showed us those first little sparks on a date night back in 2008.

An intensely private couple, John, 29, and Emily, 26, have been engaged since August 2009, and rarely make public appearances.

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February 10, 2010

Emily Blunt on Keeping Love Alive: ‘Don’t Kiss And Tell!’

Some wise words of wisdom from a woman in the know. Trust Emily – she IS engaged to John Krasinski, after all!

When it comes to her relationship with The Office hottie John Krasinski, British rose Emily Blunt knows to keep her lips zipped. She definitely ain’t no Kiss’N’Tellin’ Helen, which sucks for us because we want to know as much as possible about the gorgeous couple’s impending nuptials.

“Don’t be a chatty Cathy about it! I think that’s the secret,” The Wolfman star, 26, who likes to keep her love on lockdown, told PopEater Feb. 8. “It’s vital. It’s the whole deal — you have to have a dual existence.”

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February 9, 2010

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