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John Kasich: Can He Still Win The GOP Presidential Nomination?

John Kasich has been elected governor of Ohio, balanced a national budget as a congressman and gone toe-to-toe with Donald Trump. But is he the next Republican presidential candidate? As he’s trailing last in the race, does John stand a chance to win the GOP nomination?

Don’t call him an underdog, because John Kasich, 63, is in it to win it. Though he hasn’t scored off any huge victories like Donald Trump, 69, Ted Cruz, 45, or Marco Rubio, 44, could the man from the Buckeye State pull off the upset of the century and win the 2016 Republican presidential nomination?

March 4, 2016
Watch CNN Republican Town Hall Live Stream

Second Republican Town Hall Live Stream: Watch The GOP Event Online

After trashing Pope Francis, Donald Trump will show no mercy when he meets Jeb Bush and John Kasich for the second CNN Town Hall on Feb. 18. The South Carolina primary is just days away, so you know this is going to get nasty. wants you to see every moment so click to watch!

Get ready, because here comes Donald Trump, 69. The ex-Celebrity Apprentice star just slammed Pope Francis, 79, and now he’ll take aim at his rivals Jeb Bush, 63, and John Kasich, 63, during a town hall event. With the South Carolina Republican primary on the line, the question on voters’ minds is this: what will Donald say next?

February 18, 2016
Donald Trump Disses John Kasich

Donald Trump Insults John Kasich At Debate: I’m Rich & Don’t Have To Listen To You

Donald Trump and John Kasich fought again at the fourth Republican Debate on Nov. 10. John blasted Donald’s plan to ‘ship 11 million’ illegal immigrants out of the country but Donald responded by saying that he’s worth ‘billions and billions’ and didn’t have to listen to John!

Donald Trump, 69, hit John Kasich, 63, right where it hurt – in the wallet! When these two bitter GOP rivals met for the fourth Republican presidential debate, it didn’t take long for them to start fighting. However, Donald decided to shut down the Ohio Governor by smacking him upside the bank statement!

November 10, 2015
Donald Trump John Kasich GOP Debate

Donald Trump Slams John Kasich For Getting ‘Nasty’ During GOP Debate

The claws came out early during the third Republican Debate on Oct. 28. Ohio Governor John Kasich kicked things off by attacking Donald Trump, calling him unqualified to be president! Donald fired back, accusing John of going ‘nasty’ only because he’s behind in the polls!

John Kasich, 63, is done being a nice guy and he’s done with Donald Trump, 69. John wasted no time during the third Republican debate, immediately going after the former Celebrity Apprentice star by dissing him as someone who “cannot do the job” of being president. Uh-oh. You know Donald wasn’t going to let that slide!

October 28, 2015
john kasich presidential announcement

John Kasich Announces 2016 Presidential Campaign

Keep your eye on the man from the Buckeye state! Ohio Governor John Kasich announced on July 21 that he will join the growing number of Republican candidates running for President in 2016!

John Kasich, 63, may not have a signature hairstyle like Donald Trump, 69, and he may not be related to former presidents, like Jeb Bush, 62. But, those might be the reasons why the Ohio Governor thinks he should be the next President of the United States! John wants to bring his heartland brand of politics and experience to Washington D.C., as he will run in the 2016 Election.

July 21, 2015

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