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Watch Florida Republican Debate Live Stream

Republican Debate Live Stream: Watch The Florida Showdown Online

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich will discuss the issues during the March 10 Republican debate, but Donald Trump will likely brag about the size of his hands again. It’s do-or-die for these presidential candidates and wants you to see every second. Click to watch!

It’s another Republican debate and you know what that means: another chance for Donald Trump, 69, to make a controversial and crude remark. Whether he’s blasting Ted Cruz, 45, or insulting Marco Rubio, 44, or shading John Kasich, 63, Trump always has to say something. What will come out of his mouth this time?

March 10, 2016
Donald Trump Wins Hawaii Republican Caucus

Donald Trump Wins The Hawaii Republican Caucus After Huge Night Of Victories

Donald Trump better enjoy a mai tai while busting out in a hula dance because he won the Hawaiian Republican caucus. After winning the primaries in both Michigan and Mississippi on March 8, Trump finished his big night with a victory in paradise!

Hawaii is the 50th state, but it’s No. 1 in the heart of Donald Trump, 69. The GOP voters in land of poi, surfing and King Kamehameha have thrown their support behind the former Celebrity Apprentice star, giving him the win over Ted Cruz, 45.

March 9, 2016
Ted Cruz Wins Idaho Republican Primary

Ted Cruz Wins The Idaho Republican Primary

Ted Cruz  is going to celebrate this victory with potatoes, because the Republican presidential candidate just won the Idaho GOP primary. After the votes were tallied on March 8, Ted left Donald Trump and Marco Rubio in the dust!

Idaho is called the “Gem State,” and for Ted Cruz, 45, spuds are better than diamonds. The Republican presidential candidate won the state’s Republican primary easily, with 43% of the vote to runner up 69-year-old Donald Trump‘s 28%. Marco Rubio, 44, still isn’t making any headway, finishing in third with 17% of voters.

March 9, 2016
Donald Trump Wins Michigan Republican Primary

Donald Trump Wins The Michigan Republican Primary — See The Results

Michigan has made its choice, and the biggest prize in the March 8 Republican primaries goes to Donald Trump. After a dramatic debate in Flint, the voters of the Wolverine State think Donald will truly make the country great again.

Donald Trump, 69, may argue with Marco Rubio, 44, over the size of his hands or with Ted Cruz, 45, over his citizenship, but there’s one thing all three will have to agree on: Donald is the winner of the Michigan Republican Primary. He smashed his opponents with early poll results in, and Ohio Governor John Kasich, 63, made a strong second place showing in his neighboring state.

March 8, 2016
Donald Trump Wins Kentucky Caucus

Donald Trump Wins The Kentucky Republican Caucus: Narrow Victory Over Ted Cruz

The Bluegrass state sure didn’t leave Donald Trump feeling blue, as the Republican presidential candidate won the Kentucky GOP primary. When the polls closed on March 5, Donald won with 35.1% of the vote. Here are the results.

Kentucky is the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, one of the most cherished presidents in U.S. history. Now, the Party of Lincoln came together to pick Donald Trump as their candidate for the 2016 presidential election! He beat Ted Cruz by a slim margin to take home his second victory of Super Saturday.

March 5, 2016
Donald Trump Wins Louisiana Republican Primary

Donald Trump Wins The Louisiana Republican Primary: His First Super Saturday Triumph

Break out the gumbo and strike up the jazz band because Donald Trump just won the Louisiana Republican presidential primary. This is his first Mar. 5 win against Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

It’s been a month since Mardi Gras, but Donald Trump was in the mood to party in the Big Easy. Donald will leave Louisiana with more than just beads, as he won the state’s Republican primary! Finally, the front runner got his first Super Saturday victory.

March 5, 2016
Ted Cruz Wins Maine Republican Caucus

Ted Cruz Wins The Maine Republican Caucus — Closing The Gap With Donald Trump

Winner, winner – lobster dinner! Ted Cruz is probably treating himself to a seafood buffet after winning the Maine Republican caucus on March 5. We have the results, here!

Maine has spoken and the voters of the Pine Tree State say they want Ted Cruz in the White House. Days after Donald Trump, 68, set Portland on fire while burning Mitt Romney, 68, the state came together to give Ted the win in the Republican caucus!

March 5, 2016

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