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Country Singer Joey Feek Dies: See Her Life In Pictures

Hearts are breaking all over today. Country singer Joey Feek has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Her story has touched so many and she will be greatly missed. Click here to see her life in pictures.

Joey Feek passed away on Mar. 4 after a heartbreaking battle with cervical cancer. She is survived by her husbandRory Feek, 49, also a country singer, their one-year-old daughter, Indiana, as well as two teenage stepdaughters, Heidi and Hopie. Take a look back through her life in pictures here.

March 4, 2016
Joey Feek Dead

Joey Feek Dead: Country Singer Passes Away At 40 After Tough Cancer Battle

Country singer Joey Feek has sadly passed away at the too-young age of 40. Succumbing to cervical cancer on March 4, Joey leaves behind her husband, Rory Feek, and their two-year-old daughter, Indiana.

Truly devastating. Joey Feek lost her months-long battle with cervical cancer on March 4She is survived by her husbandRory Feek, 49, also a country singer, their one-year-old daughter, Indiana, as well as two teenage stepdaughters, Heidi and Hopie. Joey was just 40 years old. She died in the comfort of her home where, according to Rory, she was “at peace.”

March 4, 2016
Joey Feek Daughter Holding Hands

Rory Feek Reveals Heartbreaking Pic Of Daughter Clasping Joey’s Hand At Her Bedside

It has been a sad week of letting go for brave Joey Feek as her battle with terminal cervical cancer is nearing its end. Her husband Rory is showing that she still has her family by her bedside with a touching new photo.

So heartbreaking! Joey Feek, 41, continues to defy the odds and is still hanging in there as she fights for her life in her final days, and the love and support of her family is obviously helping so much. Her husband Rory, 49, has been keeping her many fans updated on her condition, and he’s sharing word that his adult daughter Heidi is not leaving Joey’s side until the very end.

March 4, 2016
Joey Feek Hometown Tribute

Joey Feek: High School Basketball Coach Reveals Her Tremendous Talent In Final Days

As Joey Feek continues her heartbreaking battle with cancer, those in her hometown, including her former high school coach, are rallying behind the country singer with a sweet tribute, remembering her as a ‘tremendous talent’ and a great ‘leader.’ So sweet!

Country star Joey Feek, 40, has courageously fought on as her terminal cancer continues to ravage her body. Now, with just days left to live, those in her hometown are reaching out and paying tribute to the country singer, remembering her as more than just a gifted singer. In a recent interview, Joey’s high school basketball coach revealed that from the start, there had been something special about the country star, describing her as both a “tremendous talent” and “a leader.” See the touching tribute below.

March 4, 2016
Rory Feek Tribute Video Joey

Rory Feek Celebrates Joey’s Life With Touching Tribute After Saying She Has Days To Live

Joey Feek’s struggle with cervical cancer is sadly coming to an end. As the country star lives out her final days, Joey’s husband, Rory Feek, released an emotional tribute full some of their most precious memories. Click to watch this sweet and heartbreaking video.

As Joey Feek‘s, 40, young life tragically comes to a close, her husband and love of her life, Rory Feek, 49, doesn’t want to forget all the wonderful times he’s had with her. After announcing that Joey has only a few days left to live, Rory shared some of his most cherished and intimate memories with all of the Joey+Rory fans.

March 4, 2016
What Is Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer: 5 Things To Know About Joey Feek’s Fatal Disease

Country singer Joey Feek is tragically suffering through her final days as she loses a harrowing battle with cervical cancer. At this point, she may pass away at any given moment. To educate yourself on this horrific illness, look no further than our five fast facts.

Joey Feek, 40, is sadly losing her battle with stage four cervical cancer, and, according to her husband Rory, 49, she only has a few days at most to live. Her health has deteriorated so much in fact, that she’s even said her final goodbyes to her family members knowing that the end is near. Learn more about this devastating cancer — including preventative measures that can be taken to avoid it — below.

March 3, 2016

Joey Feek Said Her Final Goodbyes & Kissed Daughter One Last Time

So brave! Joey Feek always claimed she wanted to hang in there to live long enough to see her beloved daughter turn two. Now that she has, it appears her battle against stage 4 cancer is nearing its end.

Time is running out for ailing country singer Joey Feek, 40, as her battle with cancer appears to be almost over, according to her husband Rory, 49. In a revealing new blog post he explains that her body has had about all it can take in her fight for survival, and that she only has a few days at the most to live. She’s even said her final goodbyes to her family members knowing that the end is near.

February 29, 2016

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