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Melissa Rivers: ‘Fingers Crossed’ In New Statement On Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers is still on life support following a medical emergency on Aug. 28, and in a new statement, daughter Melissa Rivers only reveal that everyone’s ‘fingers [are] crossed.’

Eighty-one year old comedian Joan Rivers‘ condition remains serious, though a source has revealed to the NY Daily News that daughter Melissa Rivers, 46, is “in denial” about the severity of her mother’s condition. The family is still “keeping [their] fingers crossed,” according to a new statement released to the Associated Press.

August 31, 2014
Joan Rivers Condition

Seth Rogen, Mike Tyson & More Send Heartbreaking Messages To Joan Rivers

Celebrities continue to show how much they care about comedian Joan Rivers, who was hospitalized on Aug. 28. Check out their loving tweets.

Joan Rivers, 81, has received an outpouring of love and support since being hospitalized in New York City after she went into cardiac arrest during surgery. Seth Rogen, Mike Tyson, Bette Midler and more stars have tweeted their prayers and good vibes to the hilarious comedian since she was reportedly put on life support.

August 31, 2014
Melissa Rivers Denial Joan Rivers

Melissa Rivers ‘In Denial’ Over Joan Rivers’ Condition — Putting Off Heartbreaking Decision

As 81-year-old Joan Rivers is in the hospital and reliant on life support, Melissa Rivers, 46, is ‘in denial’ about her mother’s condition, according to a new report.

Legendary comedian Joan Rivers has been in the hospital since Aug. 28 after she stopped breathing during throat surgery. Now on life support in an induced coma, daughter Melissa Rivers is “in denial” about the seriousness of Joan’s condition and is delaying any heartbreaking decisions she may soon have to make.

August 31, 2014
Joan Rivers Health Celebrities Pray

Joan Rivers: Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne & More Celebs Pray For Star

Celebs continue to pray for Joan Rivers’ recovery. The comedienne has been hospitalized since Aug. 28 after she stopped breathing during surgery. Get well soon, Joan.

Hollywood stars have been sending nothing but good vibes to Joan Rivers, 81, since she was rushed to the hospital in New York City after she went into cardiac arrest. Giuliana Rancic, 40, Kelly Osbourne, 29, Alyssa Milano, 41, and more celebrities are praying for Joan to get better.

August 30, 2014
Joan Rivers Life Support

Joan Rivers On Life Support In Hospital — Report

So sad. Joan Rivers is on life support following her hospitalization on Aug. 28, according to a new report. Her family will undoubtedly have difficult decisions to make in the days to come.

Joan Rivers, 81, is now on life support to stay alive after she stopped breathing during throat surgery on Aug. 28, a new report claims. The family remains optimistic that she will pull through, but will have to decide soon if they will keep her on life support.

August 30, 2014
Melissa Rivers Statement Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers ‘Resting Comfortably’ In Hospital, Says Melissa Rivers

Joan Rivers is ‘resting comfortably’ after being rushed to the hospital on Aug. 28 because she stopped breathing during surgery. The comedienne is surrounded by her family and is reportedly in a medically induced coma.

Joan Rivers’ daughter, Melissa Rivers, 46, has released a statement about her mother’s condition. Melissa said that the 81-year-old is currently “resting comfortably” and thanked everyone for the “love and support.” The comedienne was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City on the morning of Aug. 28 after complications arose during throat surgery and the Fashion Police co-host stopped breathing.

August 29, 2014
Joan Rivers Melissa Rivers

Joan Rivers: Life & Death Decisions Will Be Made By Melissa Rivers

Following Joan Rivers’ hospitalization early on the morning of Aug. 28, Melissa Rivers has rushed to her mother’s side in the event that she may need to make a life-and-death decision, a source has revealed to EXCLUSIVELY.

While reports are conflicting about her condition, Joan Rivers, 81, is currently in hospital in New York City after she stopped breathing during throat surgery. Her daughter, Melissa Rivers, 46, has rushed to her side in the event that she need to make any life-and-death decisions, a source has revealed to

August 28, 2014

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