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Jill Duggar Finally Passes 1st Trimester, Reveals Tiny Baby Bump

Great news for Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard! The ’19 Kids & Counting’ star finally passed the safety net of her first trimester, and to celebrate she is sharing pictures of her tiny little baby bump.

Jill Duggar, 23, is so excited to be pregnant with her first child. Thankfully, after announcing her pregnancy very early, she recently confirmed that she is now in her second trimester. Congrats to Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, 25!

September 11, 2014
Jessa Ben Date

’19 Kids & Counting’: Jessa & Ben’s Awkward Date At The Shooting Range

There is nothing more romantic than a chaperoned date, right? For Jessa and Ben on ’19 Kids & Counting,’ having an awkward third wheel is just another part of life.

On the Sept. 9 episode of 19 Kids & Counting, both Jessa Duggar, 21, and Jill Duggar, 23, went on daytime dates with their boyfriends. While Jessa and Ben Seewald, 19, opted for the shooting range, Derick Dillard, 25, treated Jill to a hike and picnic for her birthday. And yes, both of them had chaperones in the form of their little brothers!

September 9, 2014
Jill Duggar Wedding

‘19 Kids & Counting’ Preview: Jill & Derick Finally Pick A Wedding Venue

As their wedding approaches, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have some very important decisions to make on ’19 Kids & Counting’ — like finding a venue for their ceremony and reception!

Jill Duggar, 23, is slowly but surely planning her wedding to day on the latest season of 19 Kids & Counting. In a new clip from the Sept. 9 episode, Derick Dillard, 25, and his bride-to-be, take a tour of the same church where her parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, were married 20 years ago. Is that where they will finally tie the knot?

September 9, 2014
Jill Duggar Derrick Dillard

Jill Duggar Explains Why She Decided To Share Pregnancy News So Early

One thing is for sure: Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are not superstitious. In a new interview, the expectant mom reveals why she felt it was okay to announce her pregnancy to the world before her first trimester had passed.

Jill Duggar, 23, is ready to be a first-time parent with her husband, Derick Dillard, 25. The couple were not afraid to announce their exciting news barely two months after getting married, and now the 19 Kids & Counting stars are revealing why they did not hesitate to share their baby joy.

September 4, 2014
Jill Duggar Baby Name

Jill Duggar Reveals The Cute Nickname She Calls Her Unborn Child

Now that ’19 Kids & Counting’ has returned we are sure to learn more and more about Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard’s baby plans! For now, Jill has revealed the adorable name she has been calling her unborn baby.

Jill Duggar, 23, and Derick Dillard, 25, are expecting their first child less than three months after getting married. Now, the excited mom-to-be is spilling the beans on what she’s nicknamed her child — and it’s probably the cutest nickname you’ve ever heard!

September 3, 2014
Jill Derick New House

’19 Kids & Counting’ Recap: Jim Bob Surprises Jill & Derick With A House

They’re back! As the Duggar family prepares for Jill and Derick’s wedding on the new season of ’19 Kids & Counting,’ her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, have a surprise up their sleeve for the couple!

Jill Duggar, 23, has some exciting events coming up on the brand-new season of 19 Kids & Counting. Not only do we get a behind-the-scenes look at how she and her husband, Derick Dillard, planned their wedding in just three months, but we also get to see how her family — especially her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar — rallied around the couple and even surprised them with a renovated home to live in!

September 2, 2014
Derick Dillard Jill Duggar Expecting

Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard Expecting: Family Releases Statements

Jill and Derick are super excited that they’re pregnant! The ’19 Kids & Counting’ stars, including Jill’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, released statements, explaining why they feel ‘blessed.’

Jill Duggar, 23, and husband Derick Dillard, 25, are expecting their first baby! The 19 Kids & Counting stars are “so grateful” for this blessing, they revealed in a statement provided by TLC. Jill’s parents, Michelle Duggar, 47, and Jim Bob Duggar, 49, also touched upon the happy news. See what they said!

August 22, 2014

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