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Jenny McCarthy (Courtesy of ABC)

Jenny McCarthy: Being Fired From ‘The View’ Was A ‘Blessing’

After news hit on June 26 that Sherri Shepherd was being fired from ‘The View,’ Jenny took it upon herself to announce that she was leaving with the show as well, though it’s more likely that she was given the ax as well. Not that Jenny cares, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY!

huge shake-up is going down at The View — after Barbara Walters retired in May, co-hosts Jenny McCarthy, 41, and Sherri Shepherd, 47, were let go on June 26, leaving only Whoopi Goldberg at the famed table. Though the firings are shocking, hammer-dropping decisions by ABC, Jenny isn’t exactly sorry to have gotten the boot.

June 27, 2014
Andi Dorfman Co-Host The View

Andi Dorfman: Replacing Jenny McCarthy & Sherri Shepherd On ‘The View’?

Could Andi Dorfman go from ‘The Bachelorette’ to ‘The View’? A source reveals to EXCLUSIVELY that Andi is on the short list to co-host after Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd’s abrupt departures!

Andi Dorfman27, may go from finding love to chatting it up on The View? Since Jenny McCarthy, 41, and Sherri Shepherd, 47, are leaving The View co-host table, has learned EXCLUSIVELY that Bachelorette star Andi is on the list to replace Jenny and Sherri!

June 27, 2014
Jenny McCarthy Leaving The View

Jenny McCarthy Confirms She’s Leaving ‘The View’ On Twitter

About one hour after news broke that Sherri Shepherd was leaving ‘The View’, Jenny took to Twitter to confirm that she, too, would be exiting the ABC ensemble talk show. But the firings are far from over —  Jenny also hinted that many other ‘hard working folks,’ including executive producer Bill Geddie, are also on their way out.

Jenny McCarthy is standing by her “avenger” Sherri Shepherd. The former Playboy Playmate turned TV personality took to Twitter on June 26 and seemed to confirm that she was leaving The View, tweeting, “If Sherri goes… I go too.”

June 26, 2014
Vaccinations Do Not Cause Autism

Autism & Vaccinations: Major New Study Proves There’s No Link

A professor at the University of Sydney has released a brand new study that will hopefully put an end to the debate that necessary childhood vaccinations cause autism. Finally!

In 2007, Jenny McCarthy raised eyebrows and sparked controversy when she publicly declared that her son Evan‘s autism was caused by his childhood immunization shots. A dangerously large amount of parents and celebrities followed her footsteps, deciding not to vaccinate their children “just in case.” Now, a new study conducted with over one million different children from all over the world has proven that there is no connection between vaccination shots and and childhood autism. Take that, Jenny!

May 19, 2014
Jenny McCarthy Vaccination

<p>Jenny McCarthy (Getty)</p>

Jenny McCarthy’s Shocking Vaccine Comments: Defying Doctors’ Advice?

Jenny McCarthy claims she isn’t totally ‘anti-vaccine,’ but the comedian’s previous anti-vaccine statement has led millions to not vaccinate their children against deadly diseases. She now writes that her views are actually in a ‘grey’ area. Read on.

Jenny McCarthy has been under fire for years from top doctors and other parents ever since she spoke out on the Larry King Live show in 2008, saying that child vaccines caused her son, Evan’s autism. At the time, she said “that vaccinations triggered Evan’s autism,” but now in a new column for the Chicago Sun Times, she asserts that she’s “pro-vaccine,” but she doesn’t believe in a “one size fits all” schedule.

April 13, 2014
Donald Trump Autism Vaccinations

Donald Trump Goes On Foolish Twitter Rant About Autism

On March 28, Donald took to Twitter to rant about autism. Apparently, the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ host and real estate mogul thinks that autism is caused by ‘high dosage’ vaccinations. However, spoke to a child psychologist who told us that he couldn’t be more wrong.

Donald Trump thinks he knows everything, but when it comes to his beliefs about autism he is definitely in the wrong. Find out what child psychologist Dr. Susan Abbott had to say about Donald’s autistic accusations.

March 28, 2014

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