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Mark Wahlberg: Why He Skipped Donnie Wahlberg’s Wedding — Truth

Many thought that Mark Wahlberg was throwing shade at Jenny McCarthy after he skipped brother Donnie Wahlberg’s nuptials. However, a source close to Mark has revealed to the truth behind a possible family feud.

It’s not secret that the Wahlbergs are close — they have a family reality show in The Wahlbergers to prove that — and so there was speculation that there might be a family feud after Mark Wahlberg, 43, skipped out on brother Donnie Wahlberg‘s wedding to Jenny McCarthy. While many pointed the finger at Jenny as a reason behind the feud, a source close to Mark has revealed to the EXCLUSIVE truth behind all of this drama.

August 31, 2014
Mark Wahlberg Disses Jenny McCarthy Donnie Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg Breaks Silence On Skipping Donnie Wahlberg Wedding

Mark Wahlberg has finally broken his silence after skipping out on brother Donnie Wahlberg’s wedding to Jenny McCarthy on Aug. 30. Was his reason for missing out good enough?

When it was revealed that Mark Wahlberg, 43, would be skipping out on his brother Donnie Wahlberg‘s wedding to Jenny McCarthy, many assumed that it was a confirmation that he didn’t approve of his brother’s other half. On the day of the wedding, Mark finally broke his silence. Find out what he said!

August 31, 2014
Donnie Wahlberg Jenny McCarthy Wedding

Mark Wahlberg Dissing Donnie Wahlberg & Jenny McCarthy: Skipping The Wedding

Major shade is being thrown! Donnie’s most famous brother won’t be at his wedding this weekend, according to a new report, and it may be because Mark and his wife aren’t fans of the bride.

Mark Wahlberg, 43, is reportedly skipping brother Donnie Wahlberg, 45, and Jenny McCarthy‘s wedding this weekend. And that’s not all — brother Bobby Wahlberg and matriarch Alma Wahlberg also won’t be attending the Labor Day weekend nuptials. Is Jenny, 41, the reason?

August 30, 2014

Jenny McCarthy (Courtesy of ABC)

‘The View’: Why Jenny McCarthy Was Booted After Just One Season

Jenny McCarthy is done with ‘The View’, but why was she booted after just one season? Read on to find out, plus see her reported replacement!

The View has gone from gabbing about stories to being the story — with all the recent shakeups, Jenny McCarthy, 41, and Sherri Shepherd, 47, will say their final goodbyes on Monday, August 11, but has learned that the show isn’t sad to see Jenny go. Click for the shocking details.

August 8, 2014
Sarah Palin The View

Sarah Palin (Getty)

Sarah Palin Should Join ‘The View’ — Especially If Rosie O’Donnell Is On It

Now that Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy are officially leaving ‘The View,’ there are about to be big changes to the long-running show. With two major departures AND Barbara Walters out for retirement, it’s time to give ‘The View’ a big shakeup that no one sees coming!

First, Barbara Walters left The View in May and officially retired from the show. Then the shocking news came that Jenny McCarthy AND Sherri Shepherd were leaving, too! Just this morning, Jenny and Sherri talked about their departures from the show — it’s officially real. It’s time to bring on outspoken women who will NEVER be afraid to speak their minds!

July 7, 2014
The View Canceled

‘The View’: The Truth About The Show Getting Canceled

After Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy both revealed on June 26 that they would be leaving ‘The View’, fans were worried that the ABC ensemble talk show might get canceled all together. Now can give you the EXCLUSIVE scoop on the future of ‘The View.’

Will daytime television viewers be forced to say goodbye to Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd, AND The View itself? Find out after the jump!

June 27, 2014

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