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James Franco Selena Gomez In Dubious Battle

Selena Gomez & James Franco Reunite For New Movie: ‘Spring Breakers 2’?

Selena Gomez is well on her way to becoming a bonafide movie star! The 22-year-old actress/singer just nabbed a role in a new movie with James Franco. Could they be reuniting for ‘Spring Breakers 2’? Get all the scoop!

James Franco, 36, and Selena Gomez, 22, are hooking up again — professionally speaking, that is. After they co-starred together in Spring Breakers, these two sexy stars are set to reunite onscreen in a new movie. Could it be a sequel to their raunchy crime-drama, released in 2012? Find out!

January 30, 2015
Seth Rogen James Franco The Interview Threats

‘The Interview’: The Silver Lining James Franco & Seth Rogen See In Terrorist Threat

Leave it to James and Seth to see the ‘silver lining’ in the terrifying terrorist threat regarding the screening of their dark comedy film, ‘The Interview.’ has EXCLUSIVE details on how the funny duo felt about the crisis surrounding their film.

James Franco, 36, and Seth Rogen, 32, were thrilled when The Interview was released in select theaters and streamed on several sites amidst major uproar of terrorist threats from North Korea. After the threats were revealed in the Sony hack, many feared for their lives, while James and Seth saw a “silver lining.”

January 3, 2015
Jame Franco Seth Rogen Live Tweet The Interview

James Franco & Seth Rogen Live Tweet ‘The Interview’: See Best Tweets

‘The Interview’ was finally released, and Seth Rogen and James Franco could not be more ecstatic! The actors celebrated their victory on social media by live-tweeting the film with fans and supporters on Dec. 28, just days after it hit theaters and online.

James Franco, 36 and Seth Rogen, 32 are in a celebratory mood after The Interview was released in select theaters nationwide! The comedic actors teamed up to celebrate online through a live-tweeting session on Dec. 28 — posting hilarious updates as they watched along with fans. Fun!

December 29, 2014
Eminem Gay

Eminem Admits He’s Gay In Hilarious Cameo In ‘The Interview’ – Watch

‘The Interview’ is chock full of hilarious cameos, but none of them top Eminem — who admits to being gay during a one-on-one with James Franco in the film. Click inside to WATCH!

Has Eminem, 42, been playing “gay peek-a-boo” with us all along? In a recently released clip from The Interview, which finally hit theaters on Christmas Day despite terrorist threats from North Korea, Eminem is a guest on James Franco‘s characters talk show in which he admits to being a homosexual. Whoa!

December 26, 2014
The Interview Released

‘The Interview’ To Release On Christmas Day

After being ridiculed by many, including Barack Obama, for pulling ‘The Interview’ from theaters, Sony has changed their tune and will allow select theaters to show the film on Christmas day.

On Tuesday, Dec. 23, Sony made the decision to release The Interview after all. However, the release will be just a fraction of what was originally planned for the film, with select theaters across he country receiving permission to show it starting on Dec. 25.

December 23, 2014
James Franco True Story

‘True Story’ Trailer: James Franco Chilling Portrait Of A Killer — Watch

James Franco gets a little creepy, and Jonah Hill shows his serious side in new film, ‘True Story’. If you’ve been disappointed about missing the attempted murders in ‘The Interview’, this trailer should surely make up for it.

James Franco stars in the upcoming legal drama, True Story, alongside Jonah Hill, and we have never seen either in this light before! James portrays Christian Longo, a man hunted by the FBI for killing his wife and children, and he definitely nailed this eery character. Click below to watch!

December 23, 2014

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