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James Franco: Owning Up To Creepy Text Scandal Was The Right Decision

While it was TOTALLY creepy of James Franco to pursue Lucy Clode as aggressively as he did, I have to give him some credit for going on ‘Live With Kelly and Michael’ on April 4, showing no fear, and taking responsibility for the scandal.

A lot of politicians could take a few notes from James Franco. The 127 Hours actor messed up big time by flirting with 17-year-old Lucy Clode on April 1 and trying to arrange a hookup — even after she told him she was 17. But to his credit, after James, 35, and Lucy’s Instagram and text conversations went public, he took to Live With Kelly and Michael on April 4 to own up to his mistakes and admit that he was extremely ashamed.

April 4, 2014
James Franco Lucy Clode Pics

Lucy Clode: See Pics Of James Franco’s 17-Year-Old Crush

If you don’t know the name Lucy Clode yet, well — you will! Lucy is the 17-year-old girl who James Franco reached out to on April 1 and tried to hook up with. See a ton of pics the Scottish teen here!

James Franco, 35, admitted that he reached out to Lucy Clode, 17, via social media after meeting her outside of his Broadway show, Of Mice & Men. The young girl from Scotland was in New York City visiting with her mom when she met James. While she’s removed all of her social media accounts, we have all the pics of her right here — click through it here to see her, James, and all of their scandalous messaging.

April 4, 2014
James Franco Instagram Scandal

James Franco Confesses Why He Hit On 17-Year-Old Girl — Interview

How about this timing!? On April 4, three days after he hit on a 17-year-old girl on Instagram, James appeared on ‘Live With Kelly and Michael,’ and surprisingly, James didn’t waste any time addressing the 800-pound gorilla in the room.

Though the heat has been turned all the way up on him thanks to an alleged Instagram flirtation with a 17-year-old girl, James Franco, 35, bravely hit the set of Live With Kelly and Michael on April 4. And right away, he decided to address his social media controversy.

April 4, 2014
Kanye West James Franco Bound 2

Kanye West Begging James Franco & Seth Rogen To Do ‘Bound 2’ Sequel

Will James Franco and Seth Rogen be heading to Paris for Kimye’s wedding? If it’s up to Kanye, the answer is absolutely. In a new interview, James revealed that Kanye wasn’t mad about the ‘Bound 2’ parody video, but actually wants to collaborate!

James Franco and Seth Rogen may be hopping on the “Kardashians private jet” soon to head to Paris! On April 4, James revealed that Kanye West set up a call with he and Seth to discuss their parody video and is basically begging them to come to the wedding!

April 4, 2014
James Franco Fans Mock

James Franco: Fans Mock Actor On Twitter For Flirting With 17-Year-Old

If James Franco didn’t have a lot of haters — he does now. After a disastrous flirting exploit with a 17-year-old fan on Instagram, some fans are tweeting loud and clear that they think James is the ultimate creep.

James Franco, 35, has gotten himself into some hot water over his flirtatious ways with a 17-year-old fan on Instagram, and some have taken to Twitter just to voice how creepy James was acting. One fan tweeted: “I used to think James Franco was beautiful but after seeing those Instagram messages I think he’s creepy and weird.” Ouch!

April 4, 2014
James Franco Instagram Flirting

James Franco: It Was A Dumb Move To Flirt On Instagram

What were you thinking, James Franco? If you did in fact try to hook up with your 17-year-old fan Lucy Clode, you crossed a major line. And even if that wasn’t your objective, it was a pretty dumb move to flirt like that on Instagram.

James Franco, 35, you are playing with fire! After you met a fan, Lucy Clode, who waited outside of your Broadway show Of Mice & Men to meet you on April 1, you allegedly reached out to her on Instagam and asked her if she wanted to meet up — even though she’s half your age. We can’t be sure that the photos and texts Lucy posted from you are real, but either way, we hope this has taught you a very valuable lesson about social media.

April 3, 2014
James Franco Underage

James Franco & Lucy Clode meeting outside 'Of Mice & Men' (Courtesy Of Instagram)

James Franco: Did He Try To Hook Up With A 17-Year-Old Fan?

James Franco, 35, is being harassed on social media after screen grabs leaked online of a conversation — first over Instagram then over text — that he allegedly had with a 17-year-old fan. See all the screen grabs here.

Didn’t anyone tell James Franco that once something is posted on social media it’s in the world forever? Well apparently not! After a fan, Lucy Clode waited outside of James’ Broadway show Of Mice & Men on April 1, to meet him, he allegedly reached out to her and asked her if she wanted to meet up — even though she’s half his age.

April 3, 2014

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