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‘The Fosters’ Finale: Jake T. Austin Confirms Series Exit — Is Jesus Dead?

Oh no! After the nail biting season two finale of ‘The Fosters,’ audiences were left wondering whether one character would make it out alive. Sadly, it’s looking like that might be a big fat nope!

This is heartbreaking! On the Mar. 23 season finale of The Fosters, Jesus (Jake T. Austin), his twin sister Mariana (Cierra Ramirez), and their pregnant birth mother Ana (Alexandra Barretto) were in a terrifying car accident. While viewers were left hanging as to just how bad the crash was, it seems that there was at least one fatality, as Jake has confirmed he is leaving the series.

March 24, 2015
The Fosters Season Finale

‘The Fosters’ Finale Recap: [SPOILER] is Pregnant and Ana’s Missing

Alzheimers, an unwanted pregnancy, bribes, extortion (and murder?) are just some of the things that went down on the dramatic season finale of ‘The Fosters.’ Keep reading to find out what went down!

A lot of big twists and turns were revealed in the season finale of The Fosters, one more shocking than the next! Keep reading for all of the juicy details!

March 24, 2014
The Fosters Series Premiere

‘The Fosters’ Series Premiere Recap: A New Addition Shakes Up The Family

Will you be taking ‘The Fosters’ into your weekly schedule? Read our review, then give us yours!

ABC Family premiered its latest drama The Fosters on June 3, introducing viewers to the network’s most groundbreaking family yet. I call the Fosters “groundbreaking” because they happen to be spearheaded by a same-sex couple, which is certainly what many people will take away from the show — but that’s far from what it’s all about.

June 3, 2013
Wizards Return Alex Vs Alex

‘The Wizards Return’ Recap: Alex Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice

To save her family, Alex battles a ghost from her past — and herself!

Wizards of Waverly Place may have ended its four-season run back in Jan. 2012, but as we saw on the March 14 reunion special — The Wizards Return: Alex Vs. Alex — some things never change. Justin (David Henrie) will always be the Russo family’s golden child, even when he’s not around; Max (Jake T. Austin) will always be delightfully stupid, and Alex’s (Selena Gomez) spells will ALWAYS blow up in her face.

March 15, 2013
Wizards Return Video Preview

‘The Wizards Return’: Jake T. Austin On Fight Scenes & The Russos’ Future

‘The Wizards Return’ premieres 8 p.m. tonight on Disney Channel! Watch our exclusive video interview with Jake.

The Russos are back! The Wizards Return: Alex Vs. Alex brings the magical TV family together for the first time since Wizards of Waverly Place ended in Jan. 2012, and you’ll be happy to know that very little has changed — including Max’s dangerously low I.Q. Jake T. Austin, who portrays the youngest Russo, stopped by to give us all the behind-the-scenes scoop on the major TV event.

March 15, 2013
Jake T Austin Fosters

Jake T. Austin Talks Transitioning From ‘Wizards’ To ‘Fosters’

The Disney Channel star tells why he’s excited for his new gig on ABC Family!

After playing the youngest member of the Russo family for four seasons on Wizards Of Waverly PlaceJake T. Austin is preparing to hang up his wizard hat — again — when Disney Channel airs The Wizards Return: Alex Vs. Alex on March 15. But don’t expect Jake, 18, to poof into thin air for long; he’ll be back on your TV this summer when The Fosters premieres on ABC Family, and he told why he’s so excited about his “amazing” new gig.

February 8, 2013

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