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Hugh Jackman's A Superhero Dad—Look At The Size Of That Snowball!


Wow! Hugh hefted a boulder-sized snowball in NYC yesterday—but guess who he threw it at? Ouch!

Could you imagine being chased by Wolverine, a.k.a. Hugh Jackman, carrying this massive snowball? His kids Ava, 5, and Oscar, 10, sure can!  No worries though, daddy Hugh, 42, would never really throw it at his kids—just at the paparazzi!

January 28, 2011

Ava Jackman Walks The Family Pup, Mochi — She’s Already A Great Dog Owner!

SplashNews.comAww!Ava’s having a great time getting exercise with the Jackman family dog, Mochi! How cute is this pup and pal?

She may only be 5-years-old, but Ava Jackman knows how to take care of a pet! The adorable daughter of Hugh Jackman went for a jog with her canine pal, Mochi, while out in New York City on Tuesday (Jan. 4). Ava, her mom, Deborra Lee Furness, her dad and a friend all stopped in a Pet Central store in Downtown, Manhattan to pick up some things for Mochi.

January 8, 2011

Hugh Jackman Enjoys A Snow Day With His Family — Puppy And All!

INFphoto.comAfter spending the holidays in Australia, Hugh and his family returned to the chilly NYC and enjoyed their Sunday afternoon together, playing around in the snow!

Now that Hugh Jackman and his family have returned from their holiday trip Down Under, they decided to take advantage of the winter weather and spend their Sunday (Jan. 2) out in the snow! Hugh, 42, and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness enjoyed a snow day with their kids Oscar, 11, and Ava, 5, as well as the newest member of their brood, puppy Mochi!

January 3, 2011

Watch Out, Hugh Jackman! Kellan Lutz Is Channeling Wolverine!

Well, now we know what Kellan does with his downtime on set. Push ups, crunches, and more push ups!

As if one outtake of a hot Twilight star wasn’t enough (check out how hot Robert Pattinson looks in this pic!), we are being graced with the shirtless wonder that is Kellan Lutz. Calvin Klein is no fool when it comes to picking their campaign stars, and Kellan — in all his shirtless glory — is quite the hot testament to that fact.

December 20, 2010

Hugh Jackman's Family Has a New Addition: A Puppy!

How cute! Hugh’s daughter, Ava, loves her new French bulldog, Mochi!

Who knew a wolverine could get along so well with a French bulldog? Hugh Jackman, 42, added little Mochi to the family last week, after he and his son Oscar, 10, paid a visit to the New York City pet shop, Le Petit Puppy, in Greenwich Village. As this picture shows, Hugh’s daughter Ava, 5, is pretty obviously in love with her new charge!

November 30, 2010

Hugh Jackman Bundles Up For A Playdate In The Park With His Kids Oscar and Ava! Aww!

Winter is well on its way in New York City, but that didn’t stop Hugh Jackman from spending time with his wife and their two kids outside on Sunday (November 21). They’re such a fun family?

HollyMoms, if you’re ever in New York City, there’s a good chance you’ll run into Hugh Jackman. The 42-year-old star is always on the go with his kids. On Sunday (November 21) he and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, 55, bundled up their son, Oscar, 10, and daughter, Ava, 5, for little playdate in the park in the West Village. All that running around chasing after a ball, must have kept them warm and toasty! What outdoor activities do you do with your kids when it’s cold?

November 22, 2010

Hey, Hugh Jackman! Is It OK For A Dad To Steal His Daughter's Cookie?

The Wolverine star was home in New York and had some fun with his daughter, Ava, on a gorgeous autumn day.

Fresh off his latest film shoot, Hugh Jackman‘s biggest role these days is playing dad to his two kids, Oscar, 10, and Ava, 5. Last Thursday (Oct. 14), it was Ava’s turn to get Daddy’s full attention, as the star of X-Men Origins: Wolverine picked his daughter up from school in New Yo0rk’s West Village and, in the process (and much to little Ava’s horror!), stole a nibble from her cookie!

October 18, 2010

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