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Howard Stern Leaving ‘America’s Got Talent’ — Judge Confirms In Interview

Wow, this is major! After having served as a judge for four seasons, Howard Stern will be stepping down from ‘America’s Got Talent’ at the end of the current season.

Howard Stern, who has served as the judge to impress on America’s Got Talent since 2012, said on his radio show on June 24 that this current season will be his last. The long running talent competition is currently in the midst of its tenth season on NBC. Howard, 61, had previously relocated the show from Los Angeles to his home base in New York City in order for him to continue to do his iconic radio show while simultaneously judging.

June 24, 2015
americas got talent week 5

‘AGT’ Week 5: Heidi Klum Stunned By Incredible 11-Year-Old Opera Singer Arielle Baril

An opera singer by the name of Arielle Baril gave us all the feels as soon as she opened her mouth and belted out the performance of a lifetime on week 5 of ‘AGT.’ Particularly taken by the young girl’s talent? Our fave judge, Heidi Klum!

Week 5 of auditions for America’s Got Talent really rocked the socks off judges Mel B, 39, Howard Stern, 61, Howie Mandel, 59, and especially Heidi Klum, 41. After an impressive round of acts including a sexy mentalist, a singer’s ode to Taylor Swift and a daredevil grandpa — one performer really touched Heidi’s heart. After Arielle Baril, 11, sung her lungs out in a stunning operatic number, the former supermodel had no choice but to send the 6th grader straight to the AGT live shows at Radio City Music Hall in NYC!

June 23, 2015
americas got talent week 4

‘AGT’ Week 4: Cute Flyboarder Damone Rippy Wows Judges With Water Tricks

Oh, #AquaBae! Week four of ‘AGT’ auditions got a little extreme, but nothing was as intense as one act’s gravity-defying flyboarding skills — or seriously good looks! Yep, we’re talking about you, Damone Rippy.

The fourth week of auditions of America’s Got Talent sure were something else, huh? In the first round of “extreme” auditions, we saw everything from a man jumping out of a helicopter to life-threatening motocross tricks. But our favorite performance of the night came from Damone Rippy, 16, (aka Aqua Bae) — an incredibly talented flyboarder, who melted the hearts of judges Heidi Klum, 41, Mel B, 39, Howie Mandel, 59, and even Howard Stern, 61! Read on for the highlights from the June 16 show!

June 16, 2015
americas got talent week 3

‘America’s Got Talent’ Week 3: Which Act Knocked The Socks Off Mel B?

Whoa — the caliber of talent on season 10 of ‘America’s Got Talent’ just keeps getting better and better! What an amazing third week of auditions, right? See which acts got Mel B and the rest of the judges out of their seats!

Mel B, 39, Heidi Klum, 41, Howard Stern, 61, and Howie Mandel, 59, thought they had seen it all — until tonight. On the June 9 episode of America’s Got Talent, a handful of acts came through that blew the judges away — and us, too! Mel was actually so touched by one of the performers that she felt implored to press the golden buzzer, sending them straight to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall in NYC!

June 9, 2015
americas got talent week 2 june 2 recap

‘America’s Got Talent’ Week 2: Which Act Got Howard Stern To Press The Golden Buzzer?

Wow — what an amazing second week of auditions for season 10 of ‘America’s Got Talent!’ The talent just keeps on getting better and better, huh? See which act knocked the socks off of Howard Stern and the other judges on the June 2 episode!

Heidi Klum, 41, Mel B, 39, Howard Stern, 61, and Howie Mandel, 59, have seen a whole lot of great competitors over the years as judges of America’s Got Talent — so impressing them is no easy feat! On tonight’s episode, Howard was particularly taken with one act in particular — so much that he even pressed the golden buzzer for them. Read on to see which performer got the radio host to send them straight to the live shows at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall!

June 2, 2015
america's got talent premiere

‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 10 Premiere Recap: Which Acts Stunned The Judges?

Here we go again! Season 10 of ‘America’s Got Talent’ has finally kicked off — and whoa, were these acts incredible or what?! Read on to see which performances were able to wow the judges on the May 26 premiere — and which one already got Howie to press the golden buzzer!

Nick Cannon, 34, is back in action as this year’s host of America’s Got Talent — and our four favorite judges Heidi Klum, 41, Mel B, 39, Howie Mandel, 59, and Howard Stern, 61, are already having a ball getting to know some of the most unique talents in the U.S.! In the show’s tenth season, the stakes are higher than ever with some of the best competitors out there. We’re just getting started — so let’s see who has what it takes to become the country’s favorite act!

May 26, 2015
american idol nick fradiani howard stern

Nick Fradiani (Courtesy of FOX)

‘American Idol’ Frontrunner Nick Fradiani Reveals Howard Stern Called Him ‘A Douche’

Gotta keep ’em humble! Though Nick Fradiani has made it to the top three on ‘American Idol,’ not everyone is a fan of the crooning cutie. In fact, one famous dude made it clear that Nick may not have his vote!

Following the May 7 episode of American IdolNick Fradiani seems like a lock to make it to the final two, if not win the whole dang thing. Since his audition in New York, he’s garnered fans around the country and the world. However, following his incredible top four performances, Nick revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY that Howard Stern might not be a fan. Actually, Nick recalled the moment that Howard called him “a douche!”

May 7, 2015

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