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TMI! David Arquette Opens Up To Howard Stern About His Failed Marriage With Courteney Cox: 'We Weren't Having Sex Anymore!'

Just one day after David Arquette and his wife of 11 years, Courteney Cox-Arquette announced their separation, he called into the Howard Stern morning show to talk candidly with the shock jock about the split, his sex romps with Jasmine Waltz and the reasoning behind it!

Some things are better left unsaid and kept behind closed doors when it comes to talking publicly about a marriage on the rocks. For David Arquette, 39, keeping his lips zipped wasn’t a priority when he voluntarily chatted with Howard Stern.
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October 12, 2010

Ashton Admits He Was A Womanizer Before Demi!

Ashton Kutcher wasn’t always the devoted hubby he is today — admits marriage to the right woman set him straight and reveals how he and Demi Moore really fell in love!

At last — living proof that that a player CAN be tamed! Ashton Kutcher says he was a ladies man until wife of four years, Demi Moore, set him on the straight and narrow.

“I was very abusive (with women),” the 32-year-old The Killers star admitted on the Howard Stern Show, adding that he was always upfront with his ladies (including Mad Men star January Jones, the late Brittany Murphy and actress Ashley Scott), telling them he wasn’t interested in a serious relationship.
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May 19, 2010

Elin — Tiger's Mistresses Say You Should Take Him Back!

Elin, the mistresses say stay … Do you want to know why?

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods have recently been spotted kissing and hugging. And, there are reports claiming that she’s considering moving back in with her adulterous hubby. got the opportunity to query two of Tiger’s alleged mistresses what they thought about the couple reviving their marriage when we met them at the Howard Stern Show’s Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant on Mar. 10 in NYC. Elin should take him back advised Jamie Jungers and Loredana Jolie … but only for the sake of her children: daughter Sam, 2, and son Charlie, 1. Howard Stern, on the other hand, thought that Elin should leave “the serial cheater” Tiger behind! Watch the video interview with the mistresses & vote!

March 11, 2010

Howard Stern Is Hosting A Beauty Pageant For Tiger's Many Mistresses!

Can you believe this, and do you think Howard is going too far when it comes to shockingly bad taste?

Tiger Woods has confessed that he’s publicly humiliated by having a plethora of extra-marital affairs, and we have news for the golf pro – your situation is about to become a whole lot worse before it becomes better. Why? Several of his alleged mistresses are getting on board with shock jock Howard Stern to take part in ‘The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant!’

The 46-year-old radio host is holding the contest on March. 10 and, thus far, four out of a possible fifteen mistresses have agreed to take part,

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February 26, 2010

'American Idol' Shakeup! Simon Cowell Might Be Replaced By … Shock Jock Howard Stern??

Would you watch someone as controversial as Howard Stern on THE most popular reality TV show in America?

We thought Simon Cowell was a tough judge, but shock jock Howard Stern would take ‘critical’ to a whole new level. The notoriously political radio host is rumored to be in talks with Fox to replace Simon on American Idol next year, but can you really imagine him perched behind a table with Randy Jackson and Ellen Degeneres?
It’s an [insert ‘what the heck are they thinking’ adjective here] thought and that’s why the bigwigs love the idea of replacing Simon — who makes an alleged $50-million a year on Idol —with the highest paid and incredibly controversial dude in town.
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February 5, 2010

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