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USA Beats Australia Womens World Cup 2015

Team USA Beats Australia 3-1 In First Round Of Women’s Soccer World Cup

What a soccer game! The 2015 Women’s World Cup is underway and the competition is already turning fierce! Team USA took on Australia in their first match on June 8 and wow! The intense match between the two teams ended with the US winning with a score of 3-1!

There’s nothing like the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup! Watching all the soccer squads from around the world come together to compete really gets the blood pumping. When Hope Solo, 33 and the rest of the United States Women’s National Team took on Team Australia on June 8, it was quite the clash — one that ended with Team USA winning 3-1!

June 8, 2015

Hope Solo Called Cop A ‘Bitch’: Shocking 2014 Arrest Details Revealed

Whoa. U.S. soccer superstar Hope Solo allegedly lashed out at police during her 2014 domestic violence arrest, reportedly telling a cop, ‘You’re such a bitch. You’re scared of me because you know that if the handcuffs were off I’d kick your ass.’ And that’s not all.

New police documents, pertaining to Hope Solo‘s 2014 domestic violence arrest, have been released and they don’t paint the U.S. soccer superstar in the best light. Hope, 33, allegedly called one of the arresting officers a “bitch” and said she’d like to kick his “ass.”

June 7, 2015

Hope Solo Suspended From Soccer After Outburst During Husband’s Arrest

The two-time Olympic gold medalist, and the goal keeper for the US women’s national soccer team has just been suspended for a minimum of 30 days after her husband, Jerramy Stevens was arrested for a DUI.

Hope Solo, 33, has just been suspended by U.S. Soccer for reportedly “acting belligerent” when her husband, Jerramy Stevens was arrest in Manhattan Beach, Calif., and she even recorded the officers on her cell phone. Her coach, Jill Ellis, released an intense statement following the decision and now Hope is speaking out. 

January 22, 2015
Hope Solo Arrested Domestic Violence

Hope Solo: Olympic Gold Medalist Arrested For Domestic Violence

U.S. Olympic gold medalist soccer player Hope Solo was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence on June 21, according to a new report. The incident allegedly involved Hope, her 17-year-old nephew and her sister.

Hope Solo, 32, allegedly hit her sister and her teenage nephew at her Kirkland, Washington, home in the early morning hours of June 21, according to breaking news reports. Hope shares the home with her NFL player husband Jerramy Stevens.

June 21, 2014

Russ Says: WWE Superstar Mick Foley Should Do 'Dancing With The Stars'

WWE Legend Mick Foley returned to the ring on Monday Night Raw in Anaheim, CA on January 16th, but is Dancing With The Stars in his future?

The lovable New York Times best seller and hardcore wrestling legend Mick Foley has proven time and time again that he is an entertainer at heart, so would a stint on Dancing With The Stars be something we could all anticipate to enjoy? Count me in as someone that would love to see that happen but Mick Foley may have another idea about it all together.
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January 17, 2012

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