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Kate Argent Returns Teen Wolf Recap

Teen Wolf (Courtesy Of MTV)

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: A Past Villain Returns In Jaw-Dropping Cliffhanger

On the ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3B finale, the nogitsune is vanquished, another character dies, and in a truly jaw-dropping cliffhanger, a villain from ‘Teen Wolf’ past returns to terrorize our heroes.

What’s a Teen Wolf finale without a cliffhanger? On the March 24 episode of our favorite supernatural teen drama, the Season 3B finale has our heroes racing against the clock to defeat the nogitsune, who is on a killing spree throughout Beacon Hills. Also, yet another character dies, because, well, what’s Teen Wolf without a death, and a villain from Teen Wolf past returns! You might think you know who it is, but you probably don’t. You could never. Read on for our full recap and give us your predictions for Season 4!

March 24, 2014
Derek Hale Revenge Teen Wolf Recap

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Derek Hale Seeks Revenge Against The Argents

‘DeVoid’ is possibly the craziest episode of ‘Teen Wolf’ we’ve seen yet! The nogitsune wreaked total havoc in Beacon Hills and Isaac and Derek became possessed and sought revenge for the fallen members of their pack.

“DeVoid” opens in the same way that many Teen Wolf episodes have done lately: with Stilinski family feelings. Papa Stilinski (Linden Ashby) pleads with nogitsune!Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) in Derek’s loft, telling him that if there is even a tiny bit of Stiles left in him, then he will turn himself in. It’s super sad. Stilinski cuffs him, but nogitsune!Stiles smirks and breaks through them easily.

March 11, 2014
Teen Wolf Lydia Stiles Kiss

‘Teen Wolf’ Scoop: Holland Roden Previews Stiles & Lydia’s Big Kiss

Plus, how does Holland really feel about playing a banshee? Watch our exclusive video interview for all the scoop!

The cat’s out of the bag! Or, rather, the banshee’s out of the bag. Teen Wolf fans were thrilled by the big reveal of what Lydia really is, but no one was more relieved than Holland Roden herself. “[Creator] Jeff Davis loves to put things off till the last second,” Holland told on Aug. 1 at the 2013 Young Hollywood Awards. “It’s nice now that there’s an actual reason behind the mania.”

August 3, 2013

Holland Roden & Bailee Madison: Who Wore Florals Better?

It’s a Young Hollywood Awards showdown! Both beauties opted for the same Ted Baker London print on the red carpet, but who really rocked it? VOTE.

Both of these talented actresses have terrific fashion sense! They both stepped out onto the red carpet in Santa Monica, Calif. in almost matching ensembles on August 1 when they attended the Young Hollywood Awards. Since Bailee is half of Holland’s age her look was a little more youthful, while Holland opted for a much more mature and sophisticated style. Who do you think looked better on the red carpet?

August 2, 2013
Teen Wolf Spoilers Lydia Banshee

‘Teen Wolf’ Scoop: Will Scott Team Up With The Darach To Stop Deucalion?

Find out what’s to come on ‘Teen Wolf’ in the next three weeks — including a ‘dangerous ritual’ Scott must undergo to save his friends.

Let me begin by saying I still haven’t recovered from the shocking events of last night’s Teen Wolf. Seriously, Ms. Blake is the Darach? Lydia (Holland Roden) is a banshee? Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien) dad might be dead? It’s almost too much to process. And as if that wasn’t intense enough, MTV has released official descriptions for the final three episodes of the first half of season three — and it sounds like Scott (Tyler Posey) and company are in way over their heads.

July 30, 2013
Teen Wolf Lydia Banshee

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: The Darach’s Identity Is Finally Revealed

Plus, Lydia is a WHAT now? As Reese Witherspoon would say, mid-incarceration, this episode was ‘beyond.’

There was a whole lot of finger pointing going on during the July 29 episode of Teen Wolf. Allison (Crystal Reed) spent most of the hour convinced her dad was the Darach, while Scott (Tyler Posey) accused Ms. Morrell of being behind all of this season’s brutal murders. As it turns out, they were BOTH wrong!

July 29, 2013

Holland Roden’s Comic-Con Shoes — Get Her Heels For Under $50

The sexy shoes, worn by the ‘Teen Wolf’ star, are our ‘Shoesday Tuesday’ pick of the week — and you can SHOP for her affordable and seriously sexy footwear right here!

Holland Roden looked gorgeous in her green and white striped outfit at Comic-Con on July 19, but it was the 26-year-old’s fancy footwear that we fell in love with — and their amazing price tag!

July 23, 2013

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