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Hayden Panettiere’s Bold Brows: How To Get The Look

Hayden’s thick, groomed brows are a work of arch! Here, tips from eyebrow stylist, Joey Healy on how to get an ideal shape at home.

Hayden Panettiere, 23, has thick enviable brows that totally flatter her face. To get yours equally as lush, have some patience. “Allow your eyebrows to grow out for a full three weeks and book a professional shaping session with an expert who will give you a well-groomed brow to work from,” says Joey.  Hayden’s look is characterized by a more squared-off beginning and a natural arch carefully placed 2/3’s of the way out. Her tails taper off to a sharp point giving her face a flattering lift.

September 24, 2012
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Breaking Beauty News! Neutrogena Signs Actress Kristen Bell As Their Newest Spokesperson!

The actress will be the newest face of their Neutrogena® Naturals line!

We’ve got the details on Hollywood’s newest beauty contract: Kristen Bell has officially signed with Neutrogena. The busy actress has a LOT going on, which includes her first big beauty contract! Want more details on this new skincare partnership? Read on, beauty fans!

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January 25, 2011

Exclusive! Hayden Panettiere Confesses Her Worst Valentine's Day Was Spent Sticking Needles Into A Vodoo Doll!

Hayden went to an anti-Valentine’s Day party and she loved it!

Heroes starlet Hayden Panettiere, 20, may appear to live the Hollywood glam life but even she has boy problems! When we ran into her at the premiere of HBO’s new film Temple Grandin she told us she doesn’t have the perfect love life — she actually spent one Valentine’s Day alone! “My worst Valentine’s Day was after a very big breakup I went through,” the actress admitted. “I spent my Valentine’s Day at Birds this restaurant [in NYC] and they have this anti-Valentine’s Day party.” Hmm were wondering which breakup you were suffering from … was it your ex BF Stephen Colletti, or ex BF and co-star Milo Ventimiglia?!

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January 29, 2010

'Extraordinary' Stars: Hayden Panettiere Gives Her Time To Save The Environment!

Hayden Panettiere donates her time, every day, to helping others all over the world!

Hottie Hayden Panettiere does more than just grace the covers of magazines and star in NBC’s hit series Heroes. Hayden is busy saving the world one whale at a time! She’s written letters to ambassadors, spoken at a Greenpeace event, and auctioned off tickets to raise money for Save The Whales! She is passionate about saving the environment.

Extraordinary Measures — a new thriller starring Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser — is a true story about a father, John Crowley, who devoted his life to saving his kids from a deadly disease, and the scientist who helped him. Hayden is a lot like John — she has made it her job to save lives.
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January 8, 2010

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