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Gary Shirley: Keeping Leah From Amber Portwood Is Damaging — Experts Say

Gary may think he’s protecting baby Leah by keeping her from seeing Amber behind bars, but experts tell he’s actually doing more harm than good. Do YOU think Leah should visit her mom in jail? Read on for more details.

Poor baby Leah! The three-year-old hasn’t seen her mom, Amber Portwood, since she was sentenced five years behind bars in June 2012 for violating probation. And recently in an emotional interview with Dr. Drew Pinksy — from prison — the Teen Mom star revealed that her baby daddy, Gary Shirley, won’t let her daughter visit her! While Gary may think he’s doing the right, experts tell this can be very damaging for little Leah.

October 4, 2012

‘Teen Mom’ Finale Preview: Amber Portwood Moves On From Gary

After four seasons of crying, cursing and custody battles, ‘Teen Mom’ airs its final episode Aug. 28 at 10 p.m. Watch a preview here!

Amber Portwood sure knows how to impress a guy! In this sneak peek video from tonight’s Teen Mom series finale, Amber goes on a date with her new “boy toy” Mike, and she talks up all of her best qualities — beginning with her felony charges for domestic battery! (You can literally see the guy choke on his dinner. Run, Mike, run!)

August 28, 2012

Is Gary Shirley Letting 3-Year-Old Daughter Leah Drive?

The ‘Teen Mom’ star posted a photo on Twitter showing what looks like his toddler driving a car and sitting in the steering wheel!

Teen Mom single dad Gary Shirley took to Twitter on April 3 to post a picture with his daughter Leah, 3, driving a car, while sitting in the wheel! Along with the pic he posted: “OMG look whose driving.” That is extremely dangerous and illegal, but not true! Thank goodness!

April 3, 2012

Leah Shirley

Gary Shirley & Leah's Adorable Daddy-Daughter Date — Cute Pics

Leah is a daddy’s girl! Mugging for the camera, the tot stuck her tongue out and smiled wide as Gary held his baby girl tight in his arms. He’s such a great dad!

Teen Mom star Gary Shirley and his daughter Leah, 3, enjoyed the recent beautiful weather by snapping a couple adorable photos in the sun. “Leah is loving the great weather as of late,” Gary posted to his Facebook on March 14. We love that Gary can give his little girl stability while troubled mom, Amber Portwood, is in-and-out of jail.

March 15, 2012
Gary Shirley Teen Mom

Gary Shirley Reveals: 'I'm Definitely Going To Adopt A Child Or Two'

The ‘Teen Mom’ star is raising little Leah alone as a single dad while Amber is in and out of jail, so why does he want MORE kids? Find out why he’s adopting!

Is little Leah, 3, getting a baby brother or sister soon? Teen Mom star Gary Shirley is a great single dad to his daughter while her mom Amber Portwood faces endless legal woes, but now he claims he wants to raise one or two more kids! “Leah’s my world, and another child could be as well…” he tweeted. “So many children already need a home.”

March 14, 2012

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