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The Game Releases Controversial Song & Disses Frank Ocean — Listen

The rapper is taking aim at as many people as possible in his newly released song ‘Bigger Than Me,’ off of his upcoming album. Take a listen and tell us if you think he’s being offensive and should apologize to Frank!

The Game has just dropped a new single, “Bigger Than Me,” which will be featured on Blood Money La Familia. In this song, he calls himself the “black Marshall Mathers” and he slams anyone in his way, which reportedly includes Frank Ocean.

June 16, 2014
Frank Ocean Drake Chris Brown Feuds

Chris Brown: The Real Reason He Feuded With Drake & Frank Ocean

In his fights with Drake and Frank, Chris has always been made out to be the villain, but that may not really be the case. In a new interview, the “Fine China” singer breaks down his feuds and explains why things got so heated.

Chris Brown is still on a quest to rehabilitate his image, but trying to show everyone that he has his anger in control after his 2009 domestic abuse incident with Rihanna hasn’t been easy, especially because he’s gotten into battles with stars like Drake and Frank Ocean since then. But in a new interview, Breezy reveals that those recent feuds weren’t of his making.

October 7, 2013
Frank Ocean Disses Chris Brown

Frank Ocean Disses Chris Brown In New Earl Sweatshirt Song

Shots have been fired. Seven months after Frank and Chris were involved in a brawl outside a recording studio in Los Angeles, Mr. Ocean appears to be reliving the incident through song and dissing Breezy in the process! Keep reading and listen.

Earl Sweatshirt’s new album Doris is now available to stream online. And one particular song, “Sunday,” which features Frank Ocean, will likely have Chris Brown up in arms!

August 16, 2013

Miguel Doesn’t Regret Frank Ocean Grammys Diss

Frank got no love from his fellow nominees as he took home a Grammy on Feb. 10, 2013. As the entire Staples Center stood to clap for the winner, Miguel stayed in his seat. Talk about rude!

Miguel was kind of a sore loser at the 55th annual Grammy Awards. After Frank Ocean won Best Urban Contemporary Album, Miguel was not very happy. Along with fellow loser, Chris Brown, Miguel remained seated and refused to cheer in honor of the winner. Even better, Miguel doesn’t regret a thing about his disrespectful behavior. According to him, he was the rightful recipient of the award!

March 13, 2013

Fifth Harmony Cover Frank Ocean In Amazing New Video

Fifth Harmony are out to prove just how talented they are with a new video of them covering Frank’s gorgeous song, ‘Thinkin Bout You’! Read on to watch the ‘X Factor’ cuties flex their pipes!

The girls of Fifth Harmony grabbed our attention and stole our hearts during season two of The X Factor with their stellar girl group harmonies. While we impatiently await their debut album, which the girls are already at work on, they’ve shared a new video on their YouTube page, singing the heck out of Frank Oocean‘s beautiful single “Thinkin Bout You”!

February 27, 2013
Frank Ocean Wins Grammy

Frank Ocean Beats Chris Brown At The 2013 Grammy Awards

Chris, 23, dissed Frank, 25, by remaining in his seat while the rest of the Staples Center gave him a standing ovation. Sore loser much?

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean‘s ongoing battle moved to a different arena  Feb. 10 when the artists were both up for Best Urban Contemporary Album at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Frank ended up winning, and even though he received a standing ovation from the entire Staples Center, Chris remained seated.

February 10, 2013
Chris Brown Instagram Rant

Chris Brown Attacks Haters On Instagram: Rants ‘Enough Is Enough’

Chris deleted his Instagram account on Feb. 5 after comparing himself to Jesus on the cross, amidst allegations that Chris faked his community service, and a recent public brawl with singer Frank Ocean. Keep reading to see what Chris said.

It all started when Chris Brown posted a painting of Jesus on Jan. 28, saying, “Painting the way I feel today,” after he was accused of punching Frank Ocean in a parking lot in Los Angeles on Jan. 27. Things got worse on Feb. 5 when he was accused of faking his community service hours. On the same day, Chris took to Instagram where he posted a long rant about his feelings, saying, “I can handle the hate but enough is enough yo!! Yes it bothers me but it’s not my main focus! My music is…” Keep reading for more.

February 6, 2013

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