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Dr. Luke Breaks Silence On Kesha’s ‘Horrendous’ Rape Charges: I Never Had Sex With Her

Wow. Dr. Luke just went on the record — via Twitter — to state that he did NOT rape Kesha. Plus, he slammed her lawyer, Mark Geragos, by highlighting that he once represented Scott Peterson and Chris Brown, so there’s no way he could care about women’s rights. See all the tweets here.

Dr. Luke is sick and tired of people assuming he’s a rapist. So much, in fact, that he has taken to Twitter to slam Kesha‘s sexual assault claim. He says the 28-year-old’s attack on him is both “horrendous” and “untrue.” And he also called out her lawyer, Mark Geragos, in his lengthy tirade on Feb. 22. Read all the tweets here!

February 22, 2016
Kesha Stuck Sony Contract

Kesha V Dr. Luke: She’s Stuck With Her Sony Contract, Even If She Proves He Raped Her

Uh oh. Legal experts tell EXCLUSIVELY that Kesha ‘doesn’t have any legal grounds to get out of her contract’ with Sony, and if she’s so afraid of Dr. Luke, then she ‘should hire a bodyguard and never be alone with’ him. Unfortunately, that’s probably not what she wants to hear.

Kesha, 28, and her biggest supporters aren’t going to be happy to hear this. Essentially, the “TiK ToK” singer is stuck with her Sony contract and there’s only a 3% chance she’d ever win an appeal after the judge’s unfortunate ruling on Friday, Feb. 19, two top attorneys told EXCLUSIVELY. Even worse, it doesn’t even matter if she can prove Dr. Luke raped her, as she alleges. She’d still be stuck in her contract. Find out why.

February 22, 2016
Dr Luke Kesha Liar Extortionist

Dr. Luke: Kesha’s A Liar & He Slams Her ‘Vicious Smear Campaign’ Against Him

Some nasty words are being thrown Kesha’s way by Dr. Luke and his lawyers, especially after a judge shut down her request to get out of her Sony contract. Yikes.

Dr. Luke, 42, is obviously not thrilled with Kesha, 28, and her accusations against him — including rape. A new report reveals that the famed music producer and his high-profile Sony lawyers think that she’s just an extortionist, and that the judge saw that, too, and it’s why he refused to grant her request.

February 22, 2016
Who is Dr. Luke

Dr. Luke: 5 Things To Know About The Producer In Nasty Legal Battle With Kesha

We know Dr. Luke’s name from his volatile legal battle with Kesha, as the man accused to sexually and emotionally abusing the pop star. He’s one of the most influential producers in the music biz, and we’d like to know why he has so much pull. Click through for five important facts!

Dr. Luke is a mega-producer who is responsible for countless hits and careers. He’s been blowing up in the news lately, coming out from behind the scenes in the studio, after Kesha, 28, accused her frequent collaborator of sexual and emotional abuse, and attempted to get out of her contract with him at Sony. Why is Dr. Luke so influential in the music industry? Click through for five important facts!

February 20, 2016
Kesha Depressed

Kesha’s Friends ‘Desperate’ To Prevent ‘Depression Funk’ After Music Contract Upheld

Kesha’s friends are worried sick about her well-being after her lost case against Sony, and are doing everything they can to make sure their bubbly friend doesn’t lose her bright spirit. Her friends are going to help Kesha overcome this incredibly hard time!

Kesha, 28, has an amazing group of friends who aren’t going to let her sink into depression, a source told EXCLUSIVELY. After Kesha lost an important case against Sony, attempting to break her contract so she wouldn’t have to work with Dr. Luke anymore, whom she has accused of sexual assault, her friends are terrified that she’ll lock herself away from the world. And they’re not going to let that happen! Click through for the details!

February 20, 2016

Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson & More Stars Rally Behind Kesha After Painful Court Ruling

Fellow celebs are rallying around Kesha following the devastating legal blow she was hit with Feb. 19, where a judge refused to nullify her six album deal with Sony Music. They’re all standing behind her right to freely make music, so read on for what they had to say.

How tragic! Kesha, 28, is in tears over a judges’s decision to make her stay with Sony Music, somewhere she’s desperately tried to break free of to get away from her alleged tormentor, super producer Dr. Luke. Now the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Lorde and other female singers are rallying behind her with messages of support and love.

February 20, 2016
Kesha Cries

Kesha Breaks Down As Judge Refuses To Let Her Nullify Recording Contract With Dr. Luke

Poor Kesha! Her career was dealt a devastating blow Feb. 19 when a judge in New York ruled that she must complete her six album contract with Sony, something she’s been fighting ever since she claimed that the company’s hit maker Dr. Luke sexually assaulted her.

Tik Tok on Kesha‘s recording career! She hit a major career roadblock when she lost her bid to get out of her recording contract with Sony, which could likely put a major kibosh on any new hits for the singer. Kesha — full name Kesha Rose Sebert — broke down in tears inside the courtroom when the judge delivered the heartbreaking news to her, and has the EXCLUSIVE details on how she’s now taking it.

February 19, 2016

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