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Kesha Offered Freedom

Kesha Offered Her Freedom If She Took Back Dr. Luke Rape Allegation — Her New Message

Kesha will not be backing down on her allegations against Dr. Luke anytime soon — even if it means sacrificing her freedom. In her latest update about the case, Kesha revealed that she was offered her freedom, but only if she were to lie about what happened. See her message here.

After everything that Kesha has been through in her contract battle with her alleged rapist, Dr. Luke, all she has to do is apologize. Nearly two months after a judge denied the 29-year-old singer’s request for a release from her contract with Sony and Dr. Luke, 42, Kesha shared a message on Instagram to let her fans know that she was offered her freedom if she publicly retracts her accusations…but she swears that’s the last thing she’ll ever do.

April 3, 2016

Dr. Luke Slams Kesha For ‘Manufacturing More Lies’ In Her New Appeal Papers

The war between Kesha and Dr. Luke is far from over. Kesha appealed a judge’s decision to lock her in a contract with Dr. Luke, the man she claims raped her. Kesha says she’s in legal ‘slavery,’ while Dr. Luke has accused Kesha of making more ‘outrageous claims’ and ‘spinning lies.’

Kesha, 29, is not giving up without a fight, even though a judge shot down the ‘Tik Tok’ singer’s request for a release from her contract with Sony and Dr. Luke, 42, her alleged rapist. Kesha has taken the next legal steps to get her freedom, but Dr. Luke says she’s just lying when she should be recording!

March 22, 2016

Kesha Regretting Suing Dr. Luke & Refusing To Work With Sony?

Kesha and producer Dr. Luke are entwined in a nasty legal battle over his allegedly sexually and emotionally abusing the pop star. Now, we hear EXCLUSIVELY that Kesha is feeling cash-strapped due to the low-paid performances she’s doing after breaking things off with Sony.

Kesha, 29, is suing Dr. Luke, 42, and is attempting to be released from her record contract with Sony, and has learned that Kesha is meanwhile suffering careerwise. Read on to hear about why Kesha feels she has no choice but to play mediocre Spring Break concerts.

March 17, 2016
Kesha's Mom Dr. Luke

Kesha’s Mom Shockingly Reveals Why She Allowed Her Daughter To Work With Dr. Luke

So sad! Kesha’s mom has revealed why her daughter stayed with producer Dr. Luke even after he allegedly drugged and raped her early on in her career. Read on for the shocking reason why she remained silent and let her kept working with him.

Pebe Sebert, 60, has come forward with the story of Kesha, 28, and Dr. Luke‘s strange and unhealthy relationship and why she let her daughter keep working professionally with a man the singer claims allegedly sexually assaulted her. According to the singer’s mom, she totally regrets never going to the police at the time of the incident, because young Kesha was afraid the 42-year-old super producer would kill her burgeoning career.

March 10, 2016
Dr. Luke Losing Job Sony Kesha

Dr Luke Getting Ditched By Sony After Kesha Controversy & Public Backlash

Kesha may not be able to end her contract with Sony, but she might not have to keep working with her alleged rapist, Dr. Luke, after all. The producer is expected to lose his job with the music company following all the backlash from Kesha’s lawsuit, a new report claims. #FreeKesha is in full effect!

Dr. Luke’s contract with Sony doesn’t end for a year, but it’s looking like he’ll be dropped well before then! The company is reportedly hoping to terminate the producer’s contract amid the public’s outrage over the court’s decision to force Kesha to continue working with him. This is huge!

March 9, 2016
Kelly Clarkson Blackmailed Dr. Luke

Kelly Clarkson Reveals She Was ‘Blackmailed’ To Work With Dr. Luke Amid Kesha Scandal

As Kesha fights for justice against Dr. Luke, Kelly Clarkson spoke out about her not-so-great experience working with the producer — and even admitted that her label ‘blackmailed’ her into working with him. Get the crazy details here!

Kelly Clarkson is one of the many artists that have defended Kesha in her lawsuit troubles with producer Dr. Luke, but she is taking her defense one step further by opening up about her own experience with him. The 33-year-old singer doesn’t speak highly of Dr. Luke whatsoever, revealing something that could put Sony in question once again. She only worked with Dr. Luke because she was ‘blackmailed’ into it!

March 6, 2016
Dr. Luke Sister Disses Lady Gaga

Dr. Luke’s Sister Bashes Lady Gaga & Other Kesha Supporters: ‘It’s Like A Witch Hunt’

Dr. Luke’s sister, Vezna Gottwald, is not happy at all. She’s calling out Kesha’s A-list supporters like Lady Gaga and Adele and comparing them to witches! has all the details here.

Dr. Luke’s , 42, sister, Vezna Gottwald, is coming to her brother’s defense! She’s claiming that the music producer did not rape Kesha, 29, and her celebrity supporters and friends are just a bunch of witches.

March 2, 2016

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